Key Points to Implement SEO in Small Businesses

With globalization and digital technology, search engine optimization (SEO) has proved to be a huge success for businesses of all sizes. With businesses going online, SEO has become a key medium to introduce products to the world. This technique of diverting targeted website traffic from various search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to your website is known for numerous advantages that help to take businesses to the next level. Some advantages of SEO include increased website traffic, cheap method of advertising, better brand awareness, high social media exposure etc.

A search engine optimized website is not only available in the search engines, but the pages are displayed in the top search engine results making it available to a greater number of people searching for information related to your website. This article outlines some tips to successfully optimize your website.

Develop a good website

A good website is a perfect medium for businesses to grow and flourish. All information regarding the company and products is available on the website. Your website might have great content that is apt to draw thousands of potential clients. However, with so many websites listed on popular search engines like Google, without SEO, your website might not rank among the top. Proper Search Engine Optimization tools will ensure that your website content is displayed on the first page of the search engine. Make sure to choose the right domain name or URL. It should ideally contain your company name and a few keywords related to your business. Also, go through your competitors’ websites. Analyze their information and compare it with yours. After studying their website, see how you can improve yours.   

Research and Develop Keywords

Researching keywords is the most crucial step to search optimize your website. You must perform a thorough research of keywords that works to a tee. Apt keywords will put your website among the search results that a user searches for in the search engine. Firstly, find the most searched keywords related to your business. You can use keyword search tools for the same. Finalize keywords that best suit your business and include them in your website’s content, headers and webpage titles.

Optimise content

After developing keywords, you must incorporate these in your webpage titles, source code and website content. You must also use meta tags. These are invisible tags that provide details about your website to search engines and to your website visitors. It is important to add at least three keywords per webpage. With a proper keyword usage in your website, you can improve your website’s visibility and have a strong customer base. Apart from keywords and meta tags, you can further improve your website’s search engine ranking using a sitemap, both XML and HTML versions. Sitemap is a simple directory that contains information about your webpages and content. Sitemaps help search engines to crawl information and index websites pertaining to a specific search performed by the end user. Sitemaps also make websites user-friendly.

Maintain, monitor and test content

SEO is a complex procedure and keeps changing with time. After optimizing your website, make sure that you maintain, monitor and test it regularly. You must keep your website up to date with new algorithm changes and Google’s requirements. Keep a track of the effectiveness of tools that you have implemented to optimize your website by analyzing your website’s search engine rankings from time-to-time. You might have to modify some keywords and content in your website to improve your search engine rankings. It is important to monitor your website for SEO regularly because it will help prevent Google penalties, maintain good Google rankings, meet your SEO targets and help promote your business.

SEO is important to grow your business. As far as SEO tools are concerned, businesses are spoilt for choices. However, small businesses might shy away from these tools due to the cost factor. Effective SEO tools can be quite expensive but implementing this technique in your small business can introduce your products to potential clients across the globe. A lot of industries have received highest ROI by implementing SEO solutions; home repair, medical practices, real estate, online businesses, restaurants, etc. all these sectors have experienced tremendous success thanks to Search Engine Optimization.   

– Amareta Rodrigues


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