MSME Digital Transformation Drive



10.00 am – 5.00 pm

An initiative of the Government of India, under the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise Ministry, the MSME Digital Transformation Drive will be conducted to create awareness about the benefits of technology adoption and conduct sessions on how MSMEs can deploy the latest tech tools and be more productive. MSME Digital Transformation Drive, Bengaluru is organized by MSME DFO, Bengaluru, and co-organised by Small Enterprise India.

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – it’s more than a buzzword for MSMEs. Digitization is no longer an option, it’s a necessity.  It helps business owners to start thinking out of the box by challenging the status quo and experimenting. Join us and meet technology domain Experts, Senior Officials from MSME Development Facilitation Office, and over 100+ MSMEs, in Mysore, looking to digitise their business.

Despite potentially tremendous benefits, Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) lag in digital transformation. Emerging technologies, as diverse as they are, offer a range of applications for them to improve performance and overcome the size-related limitations they face in doing business. However, MSMEs must be better prepared, and the stakes are high.

With digital transformation, companies can improve their management by having better access to information, appropriate communication with vendors, and faster networking. With digitalization comes automation that can be combined with several operations to do menial and repetitive tasks, saving time and costs for organizations. Similarly, procuring financial support and human resources can be more streamlined and expedited on the back of a digital presence. With the digital approach at the forefront, training the workforce can become seamless and more effective. Moreover, MSMEs can track and log their employees’ progress while preparing in advance to tackle future challenges on the back of valuable insights.


  • Development of new disruptive business models with innovative product and service portfolio
  • Industry 4.0 capabilities
  • Improving customer relationships and customer intelligence along the product life cycle
  • Integrating partner ecosystem with self-optimised, virtualised processes, focus on core competency
  • Moving from a product-oriented to a platform-focused approach
  • Central BI system consolidating all relevant internal and external information sources, some predictive analytics
  • The central use of predictive analytics for real-time optimisation and automated event handling with intelligent database and self-learning algorithm enabling impact analysis and decision support
  • Optimising the value-chain network for compliance, security, legal, and tax
  • Collaboration as a key value driver


  • To understand how mature are your current digitalisation capabilities?
  • What could you gain by better collaboration with customers, suppliers, technology partners, and even competitors?
  • How is customer behaviour changing and how does your relationship with customers need to change in response?


  • Founders and Managing Directors
  • CEOs, CIOs, and CTOs,
  • Finance Heads/CFOs
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Directors – Digital Transformation
  • Directors of Digital Services
  • Heads of IT Architecture
  • Heads of Information Technology
  • Heads of Digital Strategy
  • Senior IT Managers
  • IT Program Managers
  • Heads of Digital Transformation
  • Heads of IT and IT Directors
  • Directors of Business Transformation & Innovation


8.30 am – 9.40 amVenue registration / Welcome Tea/Coffee 
9.45 am – 9.55 amWelcome AddressDojo Jose, Founder, Aspire AEONIAN
9.55 am – 10.10 amInaugural AddressGR Akadas, Director, MSME DFO
10.10 am – 10.25 amKeynote AddressGopinath Rao, Dy. Director DFO, Bengaluru
10.25 am – 10.55 amAll Things Digital and All Things AI for Business Performance
10.55 am – 11.25 amMSME innovative and Marketing support for SMEsGopinath Rao, IEDS, Dy Director, MSME DFO, Bengaluru
11.25 am – 11.55 amHow to win in the Digital Transformation Era?
11.55 am – 12.25 pmHow to Build a B2B Social Media Marketing StrategyNeetu V Bansal, International Speaker & Business Coach
12.25 pm – 12.55 pmIndustrial IoT & Analytics For Digital Transformation 
1.00 pm – 2.00 pmNetworking Lunch
2.00 pm – 2.30Accelerate Growth with Digital Solutions for SMEs
2.30 pm – 3.00 pmCybersecurity Technology – A Must for your BusinessSanthosh Tuppad, International Speaker, Cyber Security Expert
 3.00 pm – 4.00 pmPanel Discussion: Digital Transformation – Challenges & Opportunities Moderator: Neetu V Bansal 
4.00 pm – 4.30 pmDigital Marketing Strategy for Going Global
4.30 pm – 4.40 pmClosing NoteP.Venkatachalam, Asst. Director
MSME DFO, Bengaluru
4.40 pm -5.30 pmNetworking


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