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Email marketing is a way of reaching out to people via emails and successfully turning them into valuable customers. Emails help connect with customers and build trustworthy relationships. If you know to use it right, email marketing can serve as one of the best marketing strategies, with low costs and significant profits. Moreover, many small businesses have limited budgets for marketing. That is when email serves as one of the easiest and most cost-effective marketing techniques.

Why Email marketing? As per research, about 91% of customers go through their mail inbox on a daily basis and await new exciting emails every day. As long as you are offering something interesting, your target email list will stay yours and these customers will be your leads. It is also observed that people who receive offers through email are more likely to spend on the products than the ones who do not receive any email offers. According to OptinMonster, a US-based online lead generation software company, email marketing offers a 3800% ROI which is much higher when compared to that of social media.

How Email Marketing Helps Small Businesses

When we talk about email marketing, we need to identify the different ways in which it can be helpful to small businesses as well. Here are some of the benefits of email marketing as experienced by small organizations.

1. Increases traffic to your website – Including the website link in your emails can help increase traffic to your website. When your attractive email content incorporates your website link, it has a higher probability of encouraging the customers to click on the link and visit your online store. This in turn gives your business an upper hand in gaining valuable clients and increasing sales.

2. Builds credibility/Strengthens relationships with all your audiences – When you keep your customers updated with important information about your business and other exciting offers, it naturally builds a strong credibility between you and the customers. Once the trust is built, it takes no time for them to do business with you. Email is an easy and important communication tool that helps you engage people with the business, all through the year.

3. Generate leads – It is but natural that everyone in your email list will not necessarily purchase your products or want to do business with you. Email marketing proves advantageous here because you are on a one-to-one communication channel. Day after day, you can create impressive/informative/exciting email content to draw new customers, while nurturing your relationship with existing ones.

4. Save time – Email is a very basic communication method and can be mastered easily. Once you get started with email marketing, you can soon devise new strategies and creative ways to attract customers. When you have a set of well-crafted email templates, it will take very less time to send out daily emails to your audience, thus making it an efficient marketing tool for small businesses.

5. Enhance visibility/Stay at the top – Although a lot of customers would be aware of your products and services, there will still be a good number of people who are not well-informed about your offerings. Therefore, it is always good to be proactive in giving out information about your business. This will help educate new customers as well as the existing ones who needed a brush up on certain information. When you send informative emails to your audience all round the year, you will automatically pop up in their minds whenever they wish to do business with you, if not right away.

6. Get more calls – If you know how to use email marketing effectively, it will help the right offer reach the right person, at the right time. For most businesses, well-timed emails prove highly advantageous in that, those customers who are looking for your services at that point of time will call you as soon as they receive your email. This increases your sales and helps spread the word to different people through your valued customers.

7. Brand Recognition – When you choose to go with email marketing, you are amplifying your brand recognition with every email. Not only do your mails reach the target audience, but also to newer people, as and when they are forwarded.

8. Understand what really works – Email marketing lets you observe and calculate the different metrics that determine the effectiveness of your effort. With these insights, you can understand what kind of emails click and what don’t from a customer’s point of view and thus work towards marketing in a way that proves advantageous to your business.

9. Increase sales and your audience – Once you have built a niche in email marketing, you will automatically have more people who are interested in your emails, without having to spend a dime for advertising elsewhere. When you have a good number of customers looking forward to your emails, you will automatically think of different ways to boost your sales, therefore expanding your business.

10. Access emails from any device – Since emails are easily accessible from any device, email marketing serves as one of the best and most convenient marketing tools that can help you grow your business enormously. For instance, if a customer has shortlisted and left something in the cart when shopping online, you can have an auto-generated mail sent to them that reminds them of their pending purchase. It’s a way of gaining sales and keeping your existing customer from drifting away.

11. Build excitement/Make it a two-way conversation – It’s a known fact that people tend to open only those messages that have some unique selling point. Keeping track of the kinds of emails that get more clicks, helps you understand the excitement quotient to be included in each of your emails. Another effective tactic is to have a two-way conversation, wherein you encourage your audience to share their valuable feedback, therefore letting them know that their opinions matter to you.

12. The art of customizing – While you create email templates that are all professional and perfect, do not forget to add some personalized content to it. It gives a personal touch to your message and conveys your amount of involvement and interest, in the business and in the customers.

Various businesses have chosen email marketing for the growth of their company and have already benefited from it. The ease and affordability of email marketing makes it an ideal marketing tool. As you read the above points, you will understand how this kind of marketing can be advantageous to your own business.

– Swathi Bhat


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