Supply Chain Management in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
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Every organizational system, big or small, aims to control operations and execute projects in the most effective and efficient manner. Supply chain management is the apt system to integrate and connect a product’s workflow, right from acquiring raw materials to production and then distributing the products to customers in a highly systematic and streamlined manner. By implementing this system, businesses…

6 Tips to Optimize your Business and Support Employees during COVID-19
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Coronavirus has already done a big number on us. Some say that it is easily the most searched keyword and the biggest trend in Google search history. It has become the nemesis for schools, restaurants, and also human life especially the elderly. The virus is spreading like wildfire and no one knows when it may stop. Around 30.7 million small…

Logistics in the E-Commerce Era
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The ever-changing e-commerce scene has resulted in major changes in the way logistics work. Certain processes that ensured success in the past years may not necessarily yield the same results today. Owing to the increasing demand from different e-commerce channels as well as new expectations from customers, businesses and logistics companies have started investing in advanced technologies and improved management…

Operation Key to Success in Franchising Business
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I have written about various topics such as how to choose the right franchisee, how to be a good franchisor, what are the various things that we need to look at in a franchising business like finding the right location, having the right branding strategy, fixing the best interior possible without compromising the design and the materials prescribed by the…

Virtualization and Small Business
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There’s this small business. Trying to face the challenges and establish its name in the world. It’s getting there. Slowly and steadily. Do you know what it needs right now? Technological resolutions. Remember back when you had to invent new games to entertain yourself? You would just do things; You just ran around the playground; You built sand castles, played…

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