6 Leadership Tips to Motivate Team

Having a business and striving hard to establish it using all your resources, efforts and means are not enough. You need to have some leadership qualities also to actually lead a team of staff for the success of your business. You should indulge in leadership initiatives like ignite motivation, build trust and determination dispelling negativity and fear. It’s your leadership and bonding ability that can make a difference in the relationship between an employee and employer during the times of change.

When as the owner of a business you share your vision, ideas and goals, and commitment to your employees they feel secure. Here are some of the necessary and most amazing leadership skills recommended for every business owner to motivate the staff.

1.    Talk with Employees Regularly

A talk is a powerful tool that as a leader you can use to transform the office environment into the motivational hub. The conversation offers information, your employees feel recognized and important and acts as a bonding with your team that integrates with your leadership and the organization.

It is always recommended to communicate with authority, transparency, and clarity. You can schedule this conversation in the morning each day or can go for an office round in the afternoon, or even can take your staff to lunch. In any case, make it a point to take time to converse with every member of your team on daily basis. You might be busy but you cannot afford to go incommunicado even.

2.    Share Your Vision

Sharing your business or life vision is also of the essence when it comes to leading a team while running a small business. It inspires your employees to proceed towards the common goal of the company. You can talk about where you started from, where you are currently and where you want to go.  Share your plan how you want to achieve this goal and the actions you plan to take. Also, draft a vision statement to inspire your team to connect with your goal.

3.    Win Relationships using Leadership

Relationships are the building blocks of any business and the real motivator. It becomes quite easy for you to motivate someone when you know them. So, it is always recommended to take time to get to know each and every employee and let them know you. You can coach, mentor and inspire your team only when you know them well, their strengths and weaknesses. You need to build friendly relationships with your team to win them over and to inspire them to work well.

If you could build a deep and meaningful relationship with your employees you have won half the battle.

4.    Transfer Optimistic Approach

Being a leader, the most powerful weapon against dismay and pessimism is to inculcate optimism and your goal in your team. It will inspire your staff members to act in a progressive way to get results.

You can transfer your leadership beliefs to your team members and become a great leader who inspires their team. Being a leader you are not only leading and managing them but shaping their beliefs also.

5.    Define Purpose-Driven Objectives

Make your goals purpose-driven. Do not forget it is not stats and figures that can drive a team. A team is only motivated when it chases purpose and a have passion to make a difference.

Most people are motivated and energized when they use their efforts, time and strength for a purpose that matters. When your employees know and feel the work they are doing will contribute to the overall success of the company and the bottom line economy of the country, they work hard and stay motivated.

So, it is your responsibility to make your team work for a purpose-based target instead of number-driven goals.  Have one to one interaction with each of your employees and talk about their personal goals and try to fit that goal into the bigger picture of your business objective. A right purpose and motive to do anything will fuel your employees to use their fire towards the right direction.

6.    Foster your Team with Leadership

It may appear to be big words but these are spot on. Every employee that comes to work in your company has a very simple and single question in his mind “Will the company value my work or shall I trust this company?” If you can convince them in affirmation, they will be ready to work with you for long because they will feel cared, fostered and appreciated. They will work with more dedication putting their 100% potential.

It has been reported and researched that employees who think their seniors care about them are more productive and loyal than who do not think so. If you want a good team with right skill sets and loyalty, take time to invest your leadership, time and effort to build a relationship with them, they will pay you in the form of loyalty, productivity, and innovation. Team’s awareness that you care for them is their biggest motivator.

Have and display faith and belief in your team. If you could do so and believe that your team can do great things, it will boost their morale and make them do miracles.


Above mentioned leadership tips are some of the most astonishing ones that can create a great leader and disciple’s relationship that will always touch new heights. It is always good to bring forth the best of your employees through your leadership skills. Ignite their intrinsic traits and rediscover their discretionary power. Try to ingest above-discussed leadership skills in you and roll the ball to achieve your business objectives.

Mamta Sharma