Meticulous Spend Management

Assign different budgets to cost centres and control spending.
Avoid budget over-utilization by auto-declining purchase orders.
Department-wise, spend analytics for accurate forecasting.

Advanced Accounts Payables

Easy payouts with instant, bulk, and scheduled vendor payment.
Accurate TDS auto-calculation, deduction, and payment on invoice.
3-way matching with OCR for error-free invoice processing (PO-GRN-Invoice).

Effortless Vendor Management

Vendor portal for self-onboarding, KYC, and document sharing.
Automated vendor communication alerts and notifications.
Account verification with GSTIN to avoid fraudulent payments.

Streamlined Procurement

Plan purchase and track project expenses with purchase orders.
Create a custom approval workflow for better stakeholder management.
Advanced analytics to monitor spend and plan your cash flow better.

Automatic Input Tax Credit Checker

Identify GST ITC risks and errors from vendor filing or non-compliance.
Recover credit due by controlling the payment schedule.
Reconcile your book with ease and maximize your ITC.

Automated Accounting through Integrations

Automate bill entry in Zoho Books & Tally, with bill attachments.
Auto-synced to General Ledgers for automatic reconciliation.
Create smart rules to automate bookkeeping and categorize transactions.



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