Small Enterprise Presents

3rd Edition


28th November, 2023

05:00 pm – 06:30 pm

Online – Airmeet

The Small Business Banking and Insurance event will be a comprehensive and insightful gathering focused on addressing the unique financial and insurance needs of SMEs. The event will bring together industry experts, entrepreneurs, financial institutions, insurance providers, and government representatives to discuss, share knowledge, and collaborate on strategies to support the growth and resilience of small businesses.

A significant portion of the event will be dedicated to financial planning for small businesses. The seminar will shed light on the latest technological advancements in the banking industry and how they can benefit small businesses. Will discuss online banking platforms, mobile apps, and digital payment solutions, highlighting their convenience and efficiency for managing day-to-day financial operations.

A comprehensive understanding of the insurance needs specific to small businesses. Topics will include the types of insurance coverage required to protect against common risks such as property damage, employee injuries, and legal liabilities.

The summit will provide a platform for small business owners to connect and share experiences. Attendees will have the chance to interact with speakers, fellow business owners, banking representatives, and insurance professionals.



Please Note:

This event is only for SME Business owners and they can attend for FREE – SME Business Owner, Founder, Co-founder, Partner, MD, CXO, CTO, CEO heads of the Companies.

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