8 Ways to Keep Pace with Small Business Marketing Trends

The evolving technology has changed the way businesses do business. Digital marketing has come a long way through technology and the future seems bright. However, often digital marketing beginners fail to understand how often and how much technology is changing. Now, this might cost businesses since marketers go through a tough time while trying to keep up with the altering trends.

Most of the time this turns out to be their major marketing blunder. Marketing strategies often get outdated soon. Thus, it becomes even more important for digital marketers to move alongside the changes and realize their impact on your business.

Mobile technology deals with the arrival of responsive web design that has become more and more popular, and even mandatory in the digital marketing domain. The transfer towards small-screen enhancement is so far in full swing and all probabilities will continue to progress further.

In this stage, both, IoT and big data are immensely beneficial for marketers with regards to gathering client information. Consequently, this information can aid them to make necessary alterations in their content, products, and services and enhance the consumer experience.

How you can remain updated on the recent digital marketing? Listed below are some answers.

1. Dedicated Media

Publications devoted to digital marketing like Marketing Week, eConsultancy, Campaign, and the Brand Republic are some of the most dependable resources of statistics and information when it comes to updated news about digital marketing. Apart from notifying digital marketers about the most recent digital technologies, they might also give advice and tips on strengthening/upgrading your existing plans.

2. Certified Training and Courses

You might attempt picking up verified digital marketing courses and training, owing to which you will be in a position to access numerous resources that would be helping you, in the long run, develop your skillset, add to your understanding, learn about the occurrences in this field and predict what’s coming. Subject to your needs, there are some online components you can select from.

3. Subscribe to trade journals and magazines

Thinking of increasing your knowledge while moving in the absence of Wi-Fi or the Internet? Print magazines and journals are the way out. Although the content in them might not be up to date like that on the other platforms, it will be extremely applicable to your field. The recommendation of the use of trade journals may sound outdated, but they are however among the best ways of staying in the know about particular issues in your organization.

You must do several types of researches to figure out which are the ones you need to subscribe to. Then go through those journals online or in print. Similar things can be assumed about consumer magazines, no matter if they are industry-specific or simply for fun. You will often discover something that is either pertinent to your field of work or which might flicker an insight or idea.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional online networking platform that is an important place to link and get connected with digital marketing specialists and groups. You can use LinkedIn Pulse to collect the kind of news which is pertinent to you by just setting up with influencers, publications, and topics that are of your interest. You might also get recommendations and advice from organization leaders via the LinkedIn Influencer project.

5. Blogs

If you wish to get an expert viewpoint, blogs can be a nice place to try. Ann Handley and Darren Rowse are the two great names you can pay attention to. It may happen sometime in the future that following their blogs might turn you into an expert on the digital market. Some blogging platforms to analyze include Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, and Medium.

6. Google Alerts

Make use of Google Alerts to establish email updates concerning the trends which are the most relevant to you. If you simply mention the topic of your interest (like content writing, social media, or anything related to digital marketing), they will appear in Google results. Now, you can refine the results further by relevance, region, and occurrence. In the same way, you can make use of the Google News characteristic to remain on top of the trends of digital media as they evolve.

7. Social Media

It is important to be active on social media daily. Ensure that you alter and modify your business’s supply on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so that you are in a position to easily scanning the trending and relevant topics of the day. These social media platforms are convenient and accessible and are a good source of keeping yourself updated on the trends of digital marketing.

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter permit you to receive day-to-day updates from industry leaders by following them. You also receive opinions and thoughts on digital marketing. You can remain updated on Twitter by using certain specified hashtags and by making use of Trending Topics. Use StumbleUpon which is a social media tool and channel where one can read even more on specified topics like digital marketing.

8. Don’t forget to network and engage with clients

Local networking events, Conferences, Facebook groups, and training are devoted to getting you before both experts and colleagues. Whether it is a great trade show such as CES (in case you are in the tech sector) or a monthly happy hour of a salon-owner, the face time you receive from networking will always be beneficial for your business. Asking for feedback either by responding to clients’ posts on your social media channel or by carrying out surveys are good methods to understand your industry from the perspective of your audience.


Digital marketing success has much to do with testing new strategies, tools, and techniques. If you are using another company’s plan, remember that what benefitted them may not necessarily benefit you; however, you will at least understand what went wrong and will improvise accordingly. With the changing technology, it is necessary for you too to upgrade your knowledge to devise better plans. One of the easiest methods of doing this is through continued updates and training. Through continuous and relevant learning, you will be aware of the recent digital marketing chances available to you which can be deployed to remain a step ahead of your contenders.


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