Millennial Marketing – Changing Face of Marketing for Small Businesses

Marketing has a lot of variables in it and hence is a very fickle business. You need to vary your target audience when you are marketing. This could include culture, political party, age group, a specific gender, and a hobby.

However, first, you need to get to know the basics of millennial marketing and how it can create a successful business for you.

How Millennial Taking Over Marketing

The millennial generation is right on the brink of taking over the baby boomers as the current largest living generation all over the world. In the past few years, Millennials are building up to be the largest consuming-based economical portion in the world. Small and large businesses are unable to recognize or identify the growth of the Millennials’ profit market.

Young Adults are Gaining Buying Power

Millennials are no more than 9-year olds for the most part. They have just started to see their teenage. According to Pew Research, a millennial is anyone who is between the age of 19-35 of the survey conducted in 2016. However, there is still no pre-determined date for the millennial generation. Millennial are no longer underage and are now gaining power more than ever. It has been proclaimed that by the year 2017, millennial will be able to invest $200 billion annually. This number will just continue to increase. Some tips to shift the marketing effort and shift the initiative to the younger generation are as follows:

1. Make Your Website Millennial-Friendly

You need to first, design and optimize your site for mobile devices only. For all of their web browsing, there are 20% of Millennial that own a smartphone and use it. No one will be able to find your site through a search if your website is unable to load properly on a mobile device.

2. Get the Apps

Try to blend in with all the major apps. Without a Google Map listing, multiple millennials cannot find anything. Get on that app as well which is relevant to your business. You need to look hard enough to make sure if there is an app related to your business or not.

3. Online Reviews

Reviews are required everywhere. Millennials are too fixated on following what online reviews say about where to shop, how to invest their money, and what to eat. The most trustworthy source of data for a service or a product is a user-generated review.

4. User-Created Content Matters

According to research, some Millennials believe the user-generated content more than what is posted by a small business owner. Try to promote reviews and user content on social media or every platform you can imagine and forget about your sales pitches. Make sure to post your reviews on The Better Business Bureaus like Google Maps and Google or Yelp to name a few.

5. Manage Your Seo

You can increase your web traffic by using search engine optimization which contains techniques, processes, and methods for that.

6. Don’t Get Buried

There are high chances of your website getting buried under thousands of pages of search engine results if you do not maintain your SEO. Millennials will be unable to access your website without better optimization of your website. Your website will be promoted by Google putting your website up in the search results if you have a better SEO.

7. Social Media Presence

You need to set up accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, before any other social media platform.

8. Facebook

You need to get on Facebook ASAP if you haven’t already dropped your qualms. Even if you do not have a habit of posting your profile picture, your business still needs a website. The services and products have been reviewed by many Millennials on Facebook and have stated that it is one of the most important factors on social media.

9. Instagram

Your business’s true polished side will emerge on Instagram. Well-crafted pictures are the strategy to win the game of winning over millennials on Instagram. You can increase your website traffic if people get to see your best and if you do everything right, you will also get to see an increase in your sales numbers.

10. Twitter

Twitter is all about letting your regular customers know about your latest services and product updates and is also the perfect way to keep up with a regular following. It is also the simplest way to post updates on a social media platform. Millennials can look for you instead of you looking for them due to the 140-word limit that Twitter provides.

11. Create a Blog To Create Relationships

As mentioned earlier, Millennials do not care about your sales pitch. They instead want a relationship with you and your company. They want to work alongside real people and hence they will skip over to the reviews on your website page.

12. Get Personal

The best way you can make millennials see you as a person and not as a logo is to post real stories, blogs, and a snap of your everyday life.

You need to feel a little vulnerable and out of yourself in the real world just like in any other relationship. Millennials are interested in doing business with humans and not companies, unlike any other generation. Hence, you need to reciprocate the same feelings towards them. One of the best ways to ensure repeat business while building relationships with your customers is to properly post a blog.


Millennials are the future marketing focus for every industry due to their buying capacity and persona. Better to concentrate on this futuristic buyer if you want to promote your small business to make the best out of it.

Mamta Sharma


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