7 Effective Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business

You know how tough multitasking can get if you are on a small marketing team – running all the outlets of your business, or the only person at your company. Social media marketing can seem like a relaxing source of tactic that can make things easier when they get too clumsy and uncomfortable. Hence, every solo person owning a business should invest his/her time in social media marketing.

However social media isn’t that easy either.

A lot of time that people spend on their mobile phones is on social media apps. We also know that companies that social media networks are interested in working with are contacted by them to know if they want to do business with them or not. Hence social media isn’t just free it also lets you connect with leads and prospects you want to get in contact with.

Businesses and customers can interact directly on social media. Both parties can work on forming relationships by asking each other questions and reposting each other’s content. Below are the 7 tips to efficiently promote your business on social media because starting on it may be somewhat intimidating:

1. Define Your Marketing Goals

Make sure you have efficiently outlined your marketing goals before you choose social media as the promotion and development platform for your small business.

Building the brand’s awareness, engaging their customers, and generating leads are some of the marketing objectives that small businesses strive for. However, your marketing goals can take a different road and try to provide online customer services, drive sales, or other assistance that your clients require. Hence, before you start to develop or share your content make sure to define your goals.  

Make sure to have a clear understanding of the values and benefits of your brand so that you can visualize your end goals. This will bring unity and consistency to all your conversations and communications. You can lead your business to downfall if you are not clear in your head about the appeal of your services or your product.

2. Choose the Right Platforms

There is no limit on social media sites where you want to share your content. Every day the number of sites keeps on increasing. Your business needs to promote your content on the right social media platform.

You must look out for your target audience when you are determining the channels to use. It is important to offer your target audience convenient communication services to you and your business. Research about the sites that your audience uses and then start using them as well.

Also, consider the best sites that can take your product to a whole new level. For instance, YouTube is the best place for video promotion.

3. Create a Calendar

You can deliver low-quality content if you are struggling to create posts at the 11th hour. It can adversely impact your presence in online media if there is a lack of organization and content and consequently may lead to repeated posts. You will be able to create more effective posts by creating social media content calendars that can help you to avoid those mistakes. Content calendars are an asset to your business as they can help you with tracking your progress and create strategies and goals for meeting them.

Plan out posts in advance and utilize a normal calendar for every social media channel if you want to make a content calendar. Complete them with links, hashtags, images, and other content.

4. Build Your Community

Try to focus on leads that are loyal, engaged, and curious instead of acquiring as many followers as possible. Interact with these prospects daily and keep them on the edge of their seats. These are the people that will repost your articles, turn into customers, like your posts, and increase your popularity.

Social media community will have members that engage with each other and promote content hence make sure to build a community with those aspects in mind. If you have a surplus budget, try to reach out to some of the influential social media users and request them to mention your product in one of their communications or mentioning your brand in their videos. The fastest-growing method for customer spike is influencer marketing in the digital world.

Try to partner with micro-influencers to increase the credibility of your service or product if big influencers are not up for it. Even though they won’t have millions of followers, however for a few hundred dollars, they will post content about your brand for some benefits. Also, their highly determined fan base will trust their opinions.

5. Encourage Engagement

Social media should remain social. This is true not only for those who are there for recreation but also for those who want to earn a living out of it. You need to implement interaction if you want to take the advantage of social interactions.

Ask questions, post content, repost, and comment on other people’s posts/content and show what they want to read. If you do a little research on your audience you can figure out the stuff that they like.

6. Don’t Over-Promote

Do not treat social media like regular advertising platforms as over-promoting can sometimes ricochet your strategy of promotion. Do not try to promote yourself in every post. Keep the promotions to a minimum and provide people with quality content instead of quantity.

It is cool if you promote yourself once in a while. Like so many marketers use the one-to-seven policy, try exercising that activity where you promote yourself in one post and provide the other six with only content. You do not need to completely steer clear of your brand in these posts, just try to not look too desperate in them and go over the top like in your promotional posts.

7. Share Video

Visual content is also one of the powerhouses in social media promotion. Video content spikes the curiosity of people and easily grabs their attention. This can also showcase your personality and passion for your customers.

As people scroll through their feed, visual content will stand out the most. Hence, they are more likely to click on it and view it. This also lets you say a lot that you cannot say in a normal post and does not require much room. To receive the best reaction from them try to create the best and most fun and interesting video possible.


These are the top 7 social media marketing tips to promote your small business without investing much or often nothing. During this pandemic, it is time to utilize these social platforms to promote your business for free.

Mamta Sharma


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