Is Cloud Technology the future of Business – Post COVID-19?
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There have been many changes that have occurred during these past days due to the lockdown. It adversely affected every individual, family, and business. The only remedy that people are resorting to is leveraging the facility of online learning, business, and working. Hence all those businesses that have made the profit during this crisis are already online and many enterprises…

How are Digital Payments Helping Transform the SME Industry?
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In this new age of ecommerce and digital payments, we are walking towards transforming India into a major economic powerhouse. A number of government reforms and initiatives have been introduced with the aim to bring about a huge change in the country’s financial system. SMEs and MSMEs play an important role in improving the economy and are considered as the…

6 Tips to Optimize your Business and Support Employees during COVID-19
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Coronavirus has already done a big number on us. Some say that it is easily the most searched keyword and the biggest trend in Google search history. It has become the nemesis for schools, restaurants, and also human life especially the elderly. The virus is spreading like wildfire and no one knows when it may stop. Around 30.7 million small…

Operation Key to Success in Franchising Business
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I have written about various topics such as how to choose the right franchisee, how to be a good franchisor, what are the various things that we need to look at in a franchising business like finding the right location, having the right branding strategy, fixing the best interior possible without compromising the design and the materials prescribed by the…

Technology as Business Enabler for SME
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Our passion for technological innovation has led to a phenomenal change in the world of business since its inception during the Industrial Revolution. Thanks to the Internet, the business world has unimaginably revolutionized in the past few decades. Innumerable companies have progressed at a rapid scale to grow from tiny startups to world-leading giants. Telecom giant ‘Nokia’ that once sold…

Can Blockchain Prove Beneficial to Small Businesses?
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Blockchain, a popular term among current businesses, has shown an increase of 250% in Google searches in the last one year. The US Government had a discussion on its most popular application of cryptocurrency recently. Several companies have shown interest in it and have listed it against their company’s name. The electronics giant, Samsung, from South Korea, has again taken…

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