Recruitment And Hiring Trends To Adopt In 2022

Talent acquisition and hiring are taking new shapes. The changes in hiring and sourcing talents started in the pre-pandemic period and have only been accelerated in recent times. The traditional workspace is changing and so are traditional jobs, skillset and hiring methods. Job seekers are looking for different qualifications in the companies and organisations are changing the hiring procedures and necessities.

Technology is the King today and will likely rule the upcoming years. LinkedIn research reveals that over 150 million technology-related jobs will be created in the next five years. Additionally, it suggests that most jobs that are in high demand can be done using remote working. Therefore, one major trend we could observe in 2022 is hiring more people for remote work. Recruiters could potentially face more changes and challenges in the next year. Here are a few hiring trends to prepare for in 2022.

Remote Recruitment & Virtual Interviews

Remote recruitments and the process of online selections became a major mode of hiring in the past two years. While getting back to office space and conducting face to face recruiting procedures are slowly becoming possible, remote recruitment is here to take root. Organisations and hiring managers have come to understand its advantages.

When compared to face to face hiring methods, remote hiring is more convenient and less expensive. With the help of digital tools, the procedures are more simplified. It is easier to schedule, has no commuting issues and is supported by video interviews. This way, remote recruitment is more time saving and budget-friendly.

Hiring Gig workers & Freelancers

Matthew Mottola and Matthew Coatney argue in their book ‘The Human Cloud’ that ‘Full-time employment will soon be a thing of the past as organizations opt more and more to hire employees on a contract basis.’ Recruiters have started to realise the true potential and benefits of gig workers and freelancers. More younger people are into freelancing and you could hire young and talented individuals on a freelance basis to get your work done.

Freelancers and gig workers can also fulfil your one-time needs and make it profitable for both of you. Hiring full-time workers for a one-time work during which you could learn the procedure is not really fruitful. So hiring freelancers is a win-win situation. It will also help widen the company’s capability and make use of skills that their internal team doesn’t have. Additionally, hiring people on a contract basis saves a lot on administrative costs.

Updating Skillset

While recruiters need to catch up on important trends like remote recruiting and hiring freelancers, honing their skills is the need of the hour. There is more technological development and digital innovation by the day. While recruiters could be the best at what they do, they should also learn to adapt to the ever-changing industry and start investing in their own growth. So it is essential for the recruiters to stay updated and keep upskilling themselves, for their own benefit as well as the company’s growth.

Diversity, Equity + Inclusion

DE&I – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion policy and commitment of organisations has always been at the forefront in recruiting procedures, employees’ demand and a company’s overall success. Experts opine that this area needs additional focus now, as job seekers are willing to join a company that shows a transparent DE&I policy and commitment.

It holds supreme importance as job seekers have more awareness and there is a change in the availability of talent and geographical flexibility in hiring. Thus there is a growing need to emphasize pooling diverse and inclusive talent. The hiring process could be difficult and challenging, but it is going to fetch fruitful results in the long term. So it is imperative to invest in technologies and other workspace routines to establish and include more diverse teams.

Holding on to Employees

Another major trend we could witness in 2022 is the measures companies will take to hold on to employees. It is said that the available jobs in the market are gradually outnumbering the number of candidates, making the hiring space a candidate-driven market. Therefore, the recruiters and organisations are taking measures to retain their employee base. Hiring to replace the existing team will only cost more time and less growth. So additional focus on retention will come to the fore in 2022.

Hiring and recruiting procedures are changing rapidly. Once hired, plans to keep the remote workers encouraged, in sync and well supported will bring out higher productivity. The hiring market has long been traditional and less experimental. However, with frequent changes and new workspace designs, it is safe to expect more changes in the recruitment market.

Harshini Venkatasubramaniyan


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