9 Valuable Remote Tools that you should use if you are an Online Business

With the ongoing pandemic, most businesses are urging their employees to work from home. These businesses need to be profitable while managing a remote team. For this purpose, they are employing the most professional remote tools. There are multiple advantages to having a remote team. But this needs the best remote tools. There are some remote working tools for those who are managing teams from different parts of the world.

Many businesses use some of the tools, others might use all of them. They will fit in your business’s requirement in some way or the other. They are amazing for a business and also extremely easy to use. They are helping to ensure the smooth functioning of a business even when the employees are not sitting together in an office space. Many tech-savvy companies use remote working tools. This helps to increase their efficiency and productivity.

These tools help the team members to maximize their productivity and increase sales no matter if you work remotely.

9 Remote Working Tools that are popular during the Pandemic

Below we list some of the most popular and useful remote working tools for your business:

1. Time Doctor

For everyone who wants to be extra productive in a remote ecosystem, Time Doctor is an awesome tool. The time monitoring software helps your team to reduce waste of time. It has many other features as it helps the team display the length of time they have worked on a project, keeps track of their attendance, web usage to track the distracting portals, payroll management, and reporting to summarize tasks.

2. WPForms

WPForms help in hiring remote workers for a team. The tool can use a traditional job application form to gather job candidates and hire the best talent. There are many other ways in which WPForms help a remote team. It helps create a contact form, upload files for open projects, displays a poll to customers for new product ideas, and many other requirements.

WPForms also helps employees in collecting signatures on documents, managing order forms from the backend, Accepting payments via Stripe or PayPal, and many other uses.

3. Slack

Slack is a tool that offers real-time communication for the teams and ensures a smooth line of communication at any time. Its features include different channels to keep the conversations organized, sharing files, third-party application syncing, video calls, archived messages, voice calls.

4. Google Drive

This is an extensive file-sharing remote tool and is used for messaging with team members. It has many features and it helps to share word documents, PowerPoint, and Excel spreadsheets from a convenient location.

It also helps to grant access to Google documents which can be viewed or edited as per the team’s wish. It lets the team members interact on documents, leave comments and make real-time edits or chat with each other. This remote tool helps to save any type of file and organize work as per the team using folders. Also being a tool from Google, the drive is secure and highly trusted by professionals.

Google Drive needs to be well versed with and users should understand all its features to work smoothly with it.

5. Every Time Zone

This tool helps to communicate in real-time for teams spread across the globe. Every Time Zone helps to check the time zones of the fellow remote employees to see who is available. This helps teams to get hold of someone right away so that if the person is unavailable work can be redirected.

6. LastPass

As people hold many accounts in today’s digital world, they need to remember different passwords. They are also important and necessary for running successful businesses. To safeguard these passwords and to make sure that you don’t lock yourselves out of these apps, you can use LastPass.

LastPass helps the remote workers with a master login password which can be remembered after installing LastPass on the browser.

7. Zoom

Zoom is a great tool to hold meetings remotely. It is an effective webinar tool and helps with productive video conferencing which helps to get a remote team in single platform.

It has HD quality video and audio and you can share the screen with your teams. Zoom also helps people to communicate in real-time. It has many other features like remote meetings, understanding team productivity scheduling meetings with remote employees, and many other features to increase the efficacy of your team members and for better interaction.

Zoom can be connected using a plugin to streamline meetings with clients. If the user completes a form Uncanny Automator registers it for Zoom meeting.

8. Trello

The most simple and efficient project management tool, Trello has been a blessing for organizations that are stressing remote working. It visually maps the tasks that your teams work on and it is also free to use for all.

Trello has all the basics covered when it comes to project management and it is a comprehensive tool too. It is a remote tool that is perfect for task management, publishing blog posts, automatic scheduling of social media messages, and so on.

9. I Done This

If you want to ensure accountability with your team members, follow the multiple tasks, manage teams across the world and the likes then this is the best tool for you. It is a check-in system, where every team member has to check in on daily basis, via the browser or through email. The team can check off the tasks that have been done for the day. Then, the whole team can watch out what everyone is doing and this helps them stay connected and well informed.

A simple remote working system like this can help to boost productivity and induce accountability with everyone. It also helps to keep the tasks organized, inform groups when something is halted, and the reason for the same. The tool helps people to take responsibilities of their work, irrespective of time zones.

All the tools that are mentioned above will save your business time and money. It will help your business grow and succeed. The most efficient remote working tools are the most significant part of any online business. Some additional tools are also helpful in running a business remotely.


If you are a business that has recently started remote working then you should look at some of these tools to grow. And you can easily improve your productivity while using these real-time tools for supporting your employees while they are working at home.


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