5 Reasons for Increase in On-demand Apps Post Pandemic

With the pandemic, many of us are stuck indoors and this has impacted the mobile usage trends as well. This has resulted in a surge in the usage of on-demand mobile apps. Many of these on-demand apps are becoming a favorite of users. These apps have great functionalities in modern times. Many on-demand app development companies are thus thriving in this economy. Many tech-savvy people use on-demand apps. This also helps to increase internet surfer’s volume with the use of mobile devices.

Mobile App Demand has grown over time

Many smartphone users now want quick service and faster response to all their problems. The Android app development services have resulted in a huge range of on-demand apps. The users can easily download these apps through Google Play Store. Users want the apps for their own needs. Mobile technology and mobile apps have evolved greatly and this has progressed beyond the human imagination. These services are affordable and they enable simulated socializing and other lifestyle goals.

Usage of Mobile Apps

People use mobile apps for different purposes and people also need these apps for communicating with others. Office goers who are working from home use mobile apps for their communication and video conferencing. Students need mobile apps to attend their online classes. People who are staying at home need more entertainment with streaming services and to play games. For getting groceries, medicines, vegetables, and many other items, on-demand mobile apps are required. These items are usually to be left at the doorstep safely. Although mobile apps were used often before the pandemic, now it has become a necessity for many.

Mobile Apps have become Crucial

There are some revealing trends about the increase in the usage of mobile apps during the pandemic. There has not just been an increase in their numbers, but in the influence of these apps in our everyday lives, across mobile OS and devices like Android and iOS. As the pandemic has restricted citizen movements across the world, people are trying to stay indoors. Not just the people but covid has also affected the global economy as a whole.

All the industries including airlines, hospitality, and transport industry are facing unparalleled lows. This grim situation has many benefits too. The biggest benefit has been on the mobile app development and this is the highest in the on-demand mobile app industry. People have been discussing the increase in on-demand apps during the pandemic.

Reasons behind the surge in demand in On-Demand Apps Industry

Although there has been a huge negative impact on COVID the positive impact of the pandemic in the on-demand mobile app industry is also huge. The industry has seen both a surge in development and also in service-related offerings. Below are some of the reasons that attribute to the success of the on-demand apps in a pandemic:

1. Increase in Contactless Deliveries

With the rise in COVID cases across the globe, there is higher fear among the people regarding social distancing. This is also relevant for the delivery people as it is crucial for people to follow all social distancing norms and to avoid direct contact with suppliers. With higher requests for delivery professionals to get their orders outside their homes in a contactless manner, there has been a surge in demand for contactless deliveries in food ordering apps.

2. Multiple Choices at a Single Stop

While buying from an on-demand app, the consumers need to choose from multiple options and even in the case of online platforms, this is true. The on-demand apps help users in making correct purchase decisions. These are favorable as these apps provide many options in terms of product and service offerings.

3. Convenient and Quick Shopping

As many shops have been closed or are running out of stock, customers can’t buy their regular supplies of grocery. When such a case arises, there is a need for a regular flow of services and goods through on-demand delivery apps that stop people from running around in a panic to buy groceries.

4. Multiple Payment Solutions

Many multiple payment solutions and options are available in on-demand apps that make them convenient and safe for their consumers especially when they buy products and goods. These payment gateways are as per the security norms. They are reliable and fast too.

5. Adjusting as per user Preferences

One of the most amazing features in the on-demand apps is the insights and analytics which assess user preferences and needs in an in-depth manner. Thus, the users can understand what is needed of them and this ensures that correct services are delivered.

On-demand Services that are Popular Post-pandemic

If we look at certain statistics, the US alone has seen more than 22 million users who are currently using food delivery apps. This is a 9.8% increase compared to the previous year in the sector. On-demand services including video streaming apps are also a vital sector that has witnessed a huge rise. As people are avoiding going out due to the scare of contracting a disease, they are relying highly on these services. Consequently, people have put more and more reliance on the on-demand services from various companies.

Below are some prevalent on-demand services that have seen a huge demand during the pandemic:

1. Grocery Delivery

The business of online grocery delivery has seen a huge surge in the last year. The groceries and essential services can be delivered through mobile apps to users in a huge region. This is done while ensuring all the positive safety measures including contact-less delivery, use of sanitizers, and personal hygiene of delivery executives.

2. Laundry Apps Solutions

The need for laundry services through on-demand apps has increased and there also has been an increase in their popularity. The apps help to pick dirty laundry.

3. Food Delivery

As people are confined in their homes, they will need to order food as per their choice online. Many times, these customers depend on certain apps for food. Delivery executives serve these requests effectively.

4. Medical Service

A major service that has seen a huge rise during the pandemic is the medical service. Many doctors use on-demand apps to connect with patients. They also schedule online appointments through the app to obtain easy medical care instantly.

5. Medicine Delivery

People who have certain medical issues need medicines daily. On demand, apps help by delivering these necessary medicines at users’ doorstep.

These service apps have evolved outstandingly as the business operations have increased and this has made these companies fast-moving companies with technology. The online market is essential if you want your business to survive. The pandemic helps businesses strategize their model so that services can be delivered while maintaining minimal contact and ensuring the highest care in delivery.


As businesses have started creating apps for a business, many on-demand application developers have started providing services related to mobile app development. This helps businesses to develop their on-demand apps which serve the customers in a much better way.


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