10 Technology Trends 2021 for Small Businesses

Some people in the old days (1960-1990) watched sci-fi movies and read sci-fi books to only get entertained. They also believed that those technologies would forever remain caged inside those books and never come to life. However, the wheel of science and technology turned and reshaped the world by materializing those technologies in day-to-day lives.

It isn’t the least bit exaggerated when we say this but today’s business world is exponentially dominated and inspired by technologies. As there has been the digital revolution of desktops, smartphones, and laptops, there has been an omnipresent change in all business activities. This article highlights the top small business technology trends that are responsible to form these changes.

1. Enterprise Resource Planning can be a relieving Small Business Technology

When it comes to small and medium businesses, ERP solutions are gaining quite a bit of popularity. It requires a lot of money to manage Customer Relationships, Human Resources, and Accounting. However, you can automate and generalize your business management with just simple software.

There are multiple ERP solutions out there that can boost your small business and help you in achieving end-to-end efficiency. If you are a WordPress fanatic and a small business owner, you should try the ERP solution for free.

2. Implementation of Blockchain as a New Technology in Business Industry

When it comes to transactions, businesses are nowadays always keen to look for privacy as well as security. Blockchain technology is the new trend that has been taking over the payment technology world and offers high-end privacy, swiftness, and security with transparency. There is no need for any third party to confirm your transactions which means that it is quite cost-efficient for your business.

3. Safe Online Payment Methods for Small Business Technologies

There weren’t any currencies in the primitive ages and hence, people were quite used to the barter trade. However, soon after that, many diverse currencies and coins were established in such a way that they couldn’t ever be forged or counterfeited.

Although, in recent times, due to electronic money transfer and payment methods the chances of frauds such as counterfeits and forgeries have decreased a lot. For instance, no one carries cash anymore in today’s time as everyone is carrying a Visa or MasterCard and also some NFC enabled phones. Due to all these electronic accessories, they do not require cash anymore. Hence, it has become quite easier to catch counterfeit notes or other things.

These payment methods are largely being accepted by small businesses of today’s generation which has become the reason why customers find it so easy to pay.

Still, as newer techniques of payment have been established, corporates must replace their old ways of accepting payment with the newer ones, or else, the customers will lose their faith in the seller. Hence, it is quite important to upgrade payment technologies and keep up with the world to ascertain the credibility of a business.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics for Automation

Leading and successful companies have utilized AI to process large amounts of data and performed redundant tasks not to desensitize the human interaction but to improve it. Autonomous interfaces like Digital Agents or Chatbots have been quite on the high horse at the moment. It is predicted that they will form the bulk of the workforce in the very distant future. This is mostly going to be a major buff for small businesses cost reduction techniques.

Even the use of Robots will be implemented in the future. Even though the cost might be high at first to recruit such sophisticated equipment in places like Coffee shops, it will be quite amusing to see them work. Due to the waning price of electronic gadgets, Robots will be recruited in businesses.

5. Upliftment of Video Marketing as a Small Business Technology trend

Regardless of the kind of business you own, it has become quite necessary to acquire a humongous deal of internet exposure to your business. The advertisement media, a decade ago, happened only through Radio Sets, Television, Newspapers, however, in these times your target audience is determined to surf the web and do quite a bit of research before they make a purchase. They will browse your website and leave no stone unturned by utilizing the internet’s resources.

Still, clients would embrace the fact to interact with the commercial ads that should be broadcasted in the media. This has been fortunately made possible by technologies such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. there is also the option of livestreaming your videos on the internet if you are a small or medium business owner. Your customer will react and respond via Comments, Likes, or Messages.

6. Affiliate Marketing utilized in Small Business Technology

The job of affiliate marketers is to promote the products of others in barter for a specific amount of commission. Just like digital marketing, it also contains SEO, SMM, Email Marketing as well as Content Marketing.

7. API (Application Programming Interface) is on the rise for Small Business Technology

API can manage and grant interactions between different online connected services as well as a whole. There are many online services for business solutions that are out there in the world of the internet. This amount of services might seem quite a lot when it comes to working in harmony. Fortunately, APIs allow you to utilize all the power for every online service by forming interoperability amongst the online service platforms.

8. Digital Marketing implemented in Small Business Technology

Digital marketing has exponentially evolved into its personal dynamic industry. It is a strategy that saves cost and can spike up the growth and reach of small businesses in few days. Digital marketing is quite useful for many businesses ranging from small to large businesses.

9. Utilizing Mobile Ad like a Small Business Technology

Mobile devices have outnumbered televisions sets by 3 to 1 and there are greater chances of seeing a potential customer through a mobile advertisement than a television advertisement. Mobile phone advertising is represented as banner ads that are displayed in mobile websites, games, or other downloaded apps.

10. Remote Taskforce through Online Services

Back in the day, a certain building used to be the threshold for any business to operate. However, times have changed and with many technological advancements, a virtual office environment can be created too. Due to online services, your crew can work remotely from any part of the world. Hence, an online work tool is quite a smart move to cut back some costs so that you don’t need to pay for office rents.


The technological needs, as well as solutions to small businesses, differ from time to time. Both of these are high-end technologies that haven’t even seen their prime. If you want a big boost for your company, you should most definitely consider these alluring cutting-edge technologies.


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