LinkedIn Marketing Hacks for Small Businesses to use in 2020

Yes, this piece of information is about how to market your small business in 2020 using the LinkedIn platform! You might be extremely excited about your recently launched startup and eager to watch it grow! Is it that simple? Of course, it is if you know how to leverage different networking sites!

LinkedIn is one of the most popular and highly professional social networking sites where you can see your business reach new benchmarks! For your business, you need to approach people and great to start with LinkedIn.

1. Start with Your Own LinkedIn Profile

You must start with your profile on LinkedIn. Remember, your profile is your first impression and it should entice people to think if they can work with you. This impressive your LinkedIn profile should be.

There are many ways to impress your profile visitors. Just do not forget to complete and optimize your profile over time, keep including new skills, achievements, and samples of your stellar work. 

2. Create a Powerful LinkedIn Company Page

Create your LinkedIn Company Page which can attract sufficient prospective customers and help them know about your company and its products or services. Do not forget to talk about the people who work there, and upload relevant content. You should keep updating your company page with new content/events or other activities.

3. Optimize Your Company Page  

The objective of creating a company page is to drive more customers and audiences. You must also optimize your company page for search, which means upon searching, using specific keywords, your company profile should appear in the result. An optimized company page will boost your visibility amongst the people who are searching for the products or services your company offers.

To make your Company Page SEO-driven you should insert the right keywords into your company profile information.

You should also link your Company Page with the company website. This will also boost your ranking in search. Your Company Page should have your business website link, blog link, and other marketing materials. Also, ask your company employees to keep their LinkedIn profiles up to date.

Keep sharing relevant content daily. On posting updates from your Company Page, they would appear on your public page, and Google will index those content. Frequent updates will boost your Company Page in search results. 

4. Specify Your Goals and Audience

For achieving any marketing objective, you first need to specify your goal. Mostly it would be generating leads, increasing brand awareness, or both.

If you’re selling business tools for social media enthusiasts, you would like to encourage media professionals to buy and try your product. In this way, your objective is to make awareness about your business tool among LinkedIn professionals working as a social media manager or similar job titles.  

5. Add Followers of your Company Page

The more followers your Company Page has, the better the reach of every update you publish. Start with your staff members as they’re the best ambassadors of your business and are likely to share your updated with their circle.

You should also invite other target customers and key shareholders and ask them to follow your business page. You can also send out Company Page in newsletters, emails, and blog posts, driving audiences to follow your Company Page.

Also, add a “Follow” button to your website that can drive the visitors to follow your LinkedIn Company Page. 

6. Post Engaging Content on Your Company Page

Publishing content frequently on LinkedIn will trigger clicks, shares, and comments if they are engaging. Do not directly sell your products on this platform rather help them understand the features and benefits of your products.

Better to share a healthy dose of others’ engaging and in-depth content with your followers. Publishing fresh ideas is the biggest hit on LinkedIn and this is the reason why posting thought leadership content is a great way to promote your business.

7. Publish Enriched Media to Promote Company Page

Images are processed and received much faster by our brains than texts. Better to post media and video-based content rather than text-only content.

It will satiate your audiences’ craving for visual content by publishing YouTube Videos, images, and SlideShare PPT.

8. Sponsor/promote Your Best Content

You should also sponsor your content that has received high engagement from your target audience and also align with your business goals using Sponsored Content on LinkedIn.

Sponsored Content is an advertising tool on LinkedIn that helps you to promote your content directly in the LinkedIn feeds.

Using this plan, you can attract more followers, reach the right audience, get your message flashed on every device, and can also track the number of leads you received from your ads using conversion tracking.

9. Formulate LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

You can also use the best way to advertise on LinkedIn. There are two types of ads – self-service ads and managed campaigns. Irrespective of which program you opt for, you need to know how to use the targeting, bidding and Measurement and Optimization of your LinkedIn Ad Campaign. If you’re aware of using these 3 aspects to make the best of it, your ad campaign would be successful.

10. Study Analytics

After putting all these efforts, it’s time to monitor and study the analytics of LinkedIn as it will allow you to know your audiences’ preferences and behavior on LinkedIn. To monitor and optimize your ad campaign performance you can use Page Analytics and analytics for publishing.

Using LinkedIn Campaign Manager Analytics will also enhance your paid campaign. You must also watch your LinkedIn analytics dashboards regularly to make the right data-informed decisions.


Deploying the above listed LinkedIn marketing hacks will help you promote your small business on the global landscape offering you decent exposure and improved search results. It will help you accomplish great benchmarks with LinkedIn.

Mamta Sharma


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