“Export Strategies for MSMEs” Seminar Declared a Resounding Success

The “Export Strategies for MSMEs” seminar that concluded yesterday 31 October’23, proved to be a resounding success, leaving attendees with valuable insights and knowledge on how to excel in the world of exports. This informative event featured sessions by eminent subject matter experts, making it a great learning opportunity for aspiring exporters and established businesses alike. 

Organized by the MSME DFO, Bangalore in association with the FEDERATION OF INDIAN EXPORT ORGANISATIONS and various Export Promotion Councils like The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA)Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), ECGC Limited and MSME Media platform Small Enterprise India, this event was aimed to educate MSMEs on the benefits and support the Government can provide to boost India’s export revenue. It served as a tremendous opportunity for MSMEs to explore new avenues and expand their businesses. 

The event drew the attention of participants from various sectors, all eager to enhance their export knowledge and explore fresh business opportunities. The sessions featured at the event covered a wide range of topics, including market research, international trade regulations, logistics, financing, and strategies for entering global markets. 

Welcome Address

The esteemed heads of the export councils FEDERATION OF INDIAN EXPORT ORGANISATIONS and MSME DFO, Bangalore shared their wisdom on how government initiatives and support can be harnessed to ease the challenges MSMEs may encounter. They elucidated various programs, incentives, and resources available to assist MSMEs in their export journey. From financial assistance to regulatory guidance, the export councils and government bodies are here to ensure that MSMEs have access to the tools and knowledge required to succeed on the international stage. 

Ms.Soma Chaudhury, Jt Director & Karnataka Head, FIEO

Soma Chaudhury , Jt Director & Karnataka Head, FIEO, and Dr.Socrates K, IEDS, Joint Director, MSME DFO, Bangalore, spoke on how to explore and unravel the vast opportunities and potential that the world of exports holds for MSMEs. The export industry is not just a sector of business; it is a gateway to broader horizons, a path that leads to global markets, and a means to contribute to our nation’s economic growth. They provided valuable insights into the benefits and support that the government councils can offer to MSMEs. 

Chief Guest

Chief Guest Mr Lokesh HD, ITS, JtDGFT, Bangalore, welcomed the august gathering and explained how DGFT can work hand in hand to explore the boundless potential of India’s export sector. Mr Shashi Kumar, IEDS, Dy. Director, MSME DFO, Bangalore welcomed the dignitaries and the attending MSMEs and the Vote of Thanks was delivered by Mr.Gopinath Rao, IEDS, Dy. Director, MSME DFO, Bangalore.

Mr Shashi Kumar
Mr.Gopinath Rao, IEDS, Dy. Director, MSME DFO, Bangalore

Key highlights of the event: 

The technical sessions conducted at the “Export Strategies for MSMEs” seminar were enriched by the knowledge and expertise of various industry experts. These seasoned professionals generously shared their insights and experiences, making the event a valuable learning opportunity for all attendees. The technical sessions covered a wide range of topics, providing in-depth guidance and practical advice on various aspects of export strategies. These sessions aimed to equip attendees with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in the global market. Some of the key areas of focus included market research, international trade regulations, logistics, financing, and strategies for entering and expanding in international markets. 

Renowned subject matter experts shared their valuable insights and expertise in various aspects of export strategies. Their sessions were tailored to address the specific needs and challenges faced by MSMEs in the export industry. 

Ms.Danisha Minu,Dy Director, FIEO Bangalore explained the topic “ Tips on International Marketing, How to Search Buyers/importers & Role of India Trade Portal”

Ms Kruti Bhat, ITS

Ms Kruti Bhat, ITS, Asst DGFT,  O/o Additional DGFT, Bangalore did a Presentation on Foregn Trade Policy 2023

Ms Namrata Singh, IRS,

Ms Namrata Singh, IRS, Dy Commissioner, ACC, Bangalore Customs delivered a presentation on “ Role of Customs in Trade Facilitation”

Mr Nawaz Khan,

Mr Nawaz Khan, Assistant Manager,  ECGC, Bangalore delivered a topic on “Credit Risk Management”, where ECGC plays a crucial role. Effective credit risk management helps MSMEs make informed decisions about extending credit, minimize potential losses due to defaults, and ensure the overall health of their portfolios, especially when concerned about international Buyers. 

Ms Madhumathi Andrews

Ms. madhumathi andrews, Manager, APEDA, Bangalore, explained the “Role of APEDA in Agri exports” 

Ms Swarna Latha M

Ms Swarna Latha M, Chief Manager, TFBO II Bangalore, Bank of Baroda, delivered a topic on “Role of Bank in Trade Facilitation with a special focus on MSME”

Ms Shobha Prasad, Partner, Yashashwi Exports, Bangalore,

Ms Shobha Prasad, Partner, Yashashwi Exports, Bangalore, shared real-world success stories and case studies, showcasing the achievements in the export sector. These stories served as motivation and inspiration for attendees. 

Government Support and Benefits: Representatives from the MSME Ministry and Export Promotion Councils elaborated on the numerous government programs and incentives available to support small businesses in their export endeavours. This knowledge empowers MSMEs to access resources that can significantly aid their expansion efforts. 

Networking Opportunities: The event provided a platform for attendees to network with fellow exporters, potential clients, and government officials. Building a strong network in the export industry is crucial for business growth and international market penetration. 



The “Export Strategies for MSMEs” seminar was a testament to the commitment of the government and various export councils to support and nurture India’s MSMEs. With an ever-growing emphasis on boosting India’s export revenue, such initiatives provide an invaluable platform for small businesses to explore global opportunities and contribute to the nation’s economic growth. 

This event attended by 120 MSMEs, reinforces the belief that the potential for MSMEs to excel in international trade is boundless. It is not just an opportunity but a stepping stone toward the realisation of India’s export aspirations.


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