You must always stand out and shout or show your product in the busy business world. Your primary aim would be to search for a targeted audience or projected consumers how your business product or services would help the end-user, consumer or customer, making their lives more fun and accessible through what they are selling. The process in the world of Business is called Marketing. Making the term accessible creates value or provides utility for the consumers or end-users, resulting in profits for the business house by delivering the product or services.

In the attention-seeking world of Business, the Marketing tool can become more effective when used effectively and efficiently. Big or small business houses have been regularly investing in the Marketing process to expand the Business and swipe profits, but the process is costly. Professionals should deal with it for the best outcome.

In the wrong hands, the Marketing process will turn into a vague proposition, and a huge chunk of investment will go to waste, creating liability and losses to the Business. Big Business houses have their team for Marketing, and the dedicated executives decide where, how, and when to invest for the most reachable and profitable Marketing Investment.

But what about small businesses and startups with minimal investment capabilities and almost no Marketing professional to handle their Marketing needs! Are they deprived of the Marketing fruits that the giant tycoons and unicorns of Business enjoy? The answer is NO.

All products and services in the business world have their share of space. Therefore, there is always a need to Market that area through Marketing. Always start marketing by making a list to reach the end-users and promote the idea, leading to sales and profits.

The more precise and best your Marketing implementation, the more it generates sales; on the other hand, the poorer the implementation results are bleak in the sales sheet. Eventually, the product or services will perish and become nonexistent in the business space.

The few essential tools of Marketing used are enumerated below

1. Advertisement- The process of showing the product or services to the end-user or consumer through media. Each day we are bombarded with ads of all kinds through every available media, especially audio-visual. Advertisement houses charge a hefty amount to place your proposition of product or services through Television, Internet, Radio, etc.

The rates depend upon the span of the Advertisement, the time slots, the Advertisement’s frequency, and many other related factors. Moreover, additional costs are incurred for creating the Advertisement, the actors, directors, voice, themes, props, etc.

Another more accessible way of advertising is through print media like newspapers, magazines, brochures, hoardings, banners, wall paintings, and journals, which are less expensive and easy to access.

2. Internet– In the new age, the most effective, efficient, and cost-effective Marketing comes from Advertisements on the Internet. In the present world, with the help of social media, search engines, web pages, etc., such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, What’s App, YouTube, Instagram, and many other such portals used by the masses every day.

The essence of this Marketing strategy belongs to the hookup or attachment it creates with its users leading to the efficiency and massive reach of the Advertisement through the Internet.

In recent times almost all web pages contain ads for various utilities. Thus it has become the essential tool for the success of Marketing in a more accessible, adaptable, and cost-effective way. E-Mails are also an effective and convenient process of Advertisement through the Internet.

The targeted audience and projected consumers are provided with a detailed description of the product, its usability, and purchase links. Dedicated Web Pages for the company itself serve as a marketing tool for developing services.

3. Online Market Places– The present giants of online markets like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and all other available online stores are good places to project and display the products and sell them directly.

4. Product– The product or service being sold can act as a Marketing tool as the product’s quality or the service’s utility will lead to reuse and new consumers through recommendation and attain unique reach. Selling must be backed up with prompt consumer services and after-sales services.

5. Mobile Marketing– Business houses or small business startups directly call the targeted consumers and explain their products or services. The process is outsourced to call centers, and then the call centers call the target consumers on behalf of the business houses for a charge. The process is also done through Short Messaging Services or SMS.

6. Kirana Stores, Shops, and Shopkeepers– The tool is best suited for FMCG products which can be displayed at shops and pushed to consumers through Shop Keepers, who perform the task of Marketing through the display of the product and word-of-mouth sales for the business house.

7. Direct Sales– Sales executives, visit the intending consumers with demos and all information to promote the product or services is a process of marketing generating direct sales.


All the marketing tools mentioned are not exhaustive but are the most used in the present form of Business. All the devices incur cost and investment, and the decision-maker has to go through extensive market research before stepping on the paddle of Marketing.

For small business owners, startups and entrepreneurs, the Internet is a boon to success for Marketing in the most cost-effective way. It is a normal process and must be implemented, changed, and re-implemented repetitively to cater to the consumers’ ever-changing needs.

In this clutter of products and services, striving for existence in the business sphere may be tough, but it is the real challenge. One has to stand out and reflect the utility of the product or the service it intends to bring to the end-user by communicating the same to the target consumer, generating sales and expansion for the Business.

Most of the complications can only be achieved through appropriate Marketing in the best possible time and space in the right way. It’s a game of studying Consumer Behaviors and Psychology, which every business person needs to understand before implementing the magic wand of Marketing.


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