Aspire Media and Wadhwani Foundation partner to deliver benefits to the “Small Enterprise Business Awards 2021” nominees

 ~ Wadhwani Advantage, the flagship initiative of Wadhwani Foundation to provide knowledge support to SMEs & empower them with capabilities to maximise their growth potential~

~ Wadhwani Advantage shares its expertise by being part of the jury~

Aspire Media has completed the nominations for the MSMEs across India with its 4th Annual awards Small Enterprise Business Awards 2021 (SEBA) to recognize successful MSMEs in India. The award ceremony is a virtual celebration of entrepreneurial excellence and display of perseverance by overcoming the extraordinary challenges in the tough pandemic period.

  • See SEBA’21 full Video here.

This Year, Wadhwani Foundation associated with Aspire Media as a Knowledge & Empowerment Partner. The registered nominees will be provided with the benefits of the Wadhwani Advantage program. The aim of the Wadhwani Foundation is to upskill SMEs by conducting personalized training and intervention and build capabilities, focused on ‘Growth’ and ‘Efficiency’. The objective is to make these SMEs competitively positioned in their industry and become challengers or leaders in their respective segments.

On partnering with the Wadhwani Foundation, Dojo Jose, Founder & CEO, Aspire Media Pvt Ltd said, “We at Aspire Media are thrilled to partner with Wadhwani Foundation to offer an exclusive program curated by Wadhwani Foundation for all Nominees and Winners at the Small Enterprise Business Awards 2021. The offer contains huge knowledge resources like education Videos, articles and consultancy. There is a reason to cheer up for those Nominees who didn’t make it to the Finalist as they have access to empowerment training and certificate, and hand holding support of using a ‘Discovery Tool’.

SEBA’21 Runner s-up and Winners gets the best of this program. They get to access to the following solutions tools – Key Account Management, New Growth Opportunity. Revenue Forecasting, Inventory Management and Customer Analysis Management Tool. And the Jury Awards Winners get the most benefits of the program.

In order to fully leverage this partnership for the benefit of the nominees, the Wadhwani Advantage team will undertake deep interventions to help MSMEs towards discoveries and business transformations, supported by a series of Webinars, Panel Discussions, Articles and Podcasts all aimed to educate and motivate them. Empowering entrepreneurs and training them to make sound decisions with tools, content and connects on the Wadhwani Advantage technology platform, “Genie” will open up the a strong support ecosystem for the SME entrepreneurs.

Samir Sathe, Executive VP, Wadhwani Advantage at Wadhwani Foundation and SEBA’21 Jury Head and Validation Partner said: Being the knowledge and validation partner has been an intense and mutually beneficial exercise and I am certain that our partnership with Aspire Media will yield substantial benefits to the MSME community in India and globally.”

The Wadhwani Advantage program provides growth strategy and long-term support to MSMEs to help them grow by 2X-10X by identifying and solving their business challenges. The endeavour is to bring data-driven problem-solving habits to the MSME sector and empower them with all-around capabilities for sustainable growth. In India, and globally. Wadhwani Advantage has helped ~1000 SMEs and influenced creation of 15,000 new jobs in the last 2 years.

  • See the benefits of the Wadhwani Advantage program here.

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