8 Leadership Skills for Women Tech Entrepreneurs

There is a lot of conundrum on how women entrepreneurs are being generalized and the way this world is unfair to them, etc. In some ways, they may be right, however, the time for women to prove their excellence is now.

In current circumstances, women entrepreneurs need to draw out their absolute best under their leadership. We should not expect circumstances to change and wait for it. You should take advantage of certain opportunities and situations at this point. Ensure that your team is successful by believing in yourself and lead your venture.

According to a particular HBR study, women leaders are marked higher than men in the majority of the leadership traits. There are relatively higher levels of competence that women excel in which are ‘resilient’, ‘driven for results’, ‘development of others’, ‘bold leadership’, ‘changing champions’, ‘command initiative’, ‘shows high honesty and integrity’, ‘inspiration and motivation to others’, and ‘develops relationships’. These are some of the impeccable qualities that women have and are programmed to succeed in each venture they put their hands on.

Below are some leadership qualities for you as a woman tech entrepreneur.

1. Clear Vision

You will be able to see your business through a holistic point of view with a clear sense of reason. You will be able to make the right decisions and resonate with the right people. You will be able to connect with your purpose deeply when you establish a balance between a leader and a technologist inside you.

2. Connect others to your Goal

You could be quite passionate as a techie entrepreneur, however, your teammates might not be. Hence, as an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to make them understand.

Women entrepreneurs sometimes are in a rush to showcase the results and ignore interpreting the right message to the team. However, it can cause many communication gaps in the long run. Constantly proving the bigger purpose, vision, and picture has a big return on investment on your efforts and time. The quality to connect with people as a woman will come in handy this.

3. Take Calculated Risks

Women tackle risks for the fear of failure. Some results from researches have shown that males are the ones to work more under risks however, women make sure to avoid those risks. For an entrepreneur to grow and be successful it is important to take risks. Women persevere against bigger odds as they are more resilient by nature. They can make use of this quality by taking calculated risks and planning strategies. There have also been cases of women where they have chosen to be aggressive or not. There needs to be a balance of assertion, agility, and clearance. This balance might be difficult but if you practice can prove to be quite an asset to you.

4. Avoid Perfection

Women are more likely to seek great perfection that sometimes, may result in stress for themselves and the team. The desire of being perfect, many times, can lead to extra workload and micromanagement for themselves. They will profit by accepting small variations and letting go until the agenda is met. Teams will hence, become more confident and will flourish through these small freedoms.

5. Effective Task Delegation

There is a heavy mix of supervision that sometimes entrepreneurs deal with. This might decrease creativity and risk-taking ability with employee productivity and also pressure on the performance of the women leader. By spending time with the team, women entrepreneurs can profit and also by making efforts to socialize and build confidence in their skills to deliver.

6. Build a Support System

Women will take it upon themselves to do everything if a strong sense of responsibility is put upon them. It is a must to do everything but it should not mean to do everything by yourself. There needs to a support system around women entrepreneurs.

There are people needed who can make them stay focused on the important things while taking the work away that can be dealt with easily. Payment for services should be ready in case something like that is the requirement. There can be tremendous possibilities from the peace of mind and the time saved from having a great support system. There also needs to be a mentor and coach to help you focus and excel.

7. Mindful Dialogue

Women get more emotional and empathetic. These qualities can be used to your advantage and be wary of how you put them to certain conversations. Investors sometimes have a difficult talk with women tech entrepreneurs challenging them for the concerns on their company and the seriousness that they bring with them to the company. These hard conversations take a toll on many.

They need to understand that it is tough to change this bias shortly. Your business is neither ready nor can wait for that social change. It might be possible that they may have encountered their first women entrepreneur when they meet you. You need to be prepared for those difficult questions and need to lead. The attitude will change when your business will produce results. Hence, stay focused.

8. Learning is Ongoing

Always use learning as a tactic to excel. Prove that quality to your team. Keep inspiring and learning with them. You need to constantly inspire your team to keep learning in today’s advanced world. If your team has the right mindset to learn, they will ensure you with their efforts that the venture is going well.


These are the most aggressive and powerful leadership essentials that a women tech entrepreneur possesses and progress in every odd.


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