An Innovation Low Cost Respiratory Device

Jeeva Setu 2.0 Designed and Developed by REVA University R&D and Technology Business Incuabtion team

Research Team (Dr. Kiran, Prof. Ragana and Mr. Faisal) from School of Computer and Information technology and School of Electronics and communication has designed and developed a low cost non-invasive, blower based ventilator for the use in emergency pandemic situations and resource-poor environments. This innovative device is a pressure support ventilator (PSV) which adjusts the pressure on the fly as the patient breathes, eliminating the frequent need for a human operator. It includes an assistive control system (ACS) that uses triggering so that if the patient makes an effort to breathe, it helps them and if not, it maintains the set pressure. Device measures flow rate and vital parameters like pulse rate, oxygen levels, respiratory rate, body   can be measured and monitored by the doctors or family members remotely through a cloud-based web application. Device has been tested at healthcare center by authorized medical team. Work has been patented and published. The device is under the process of regulatory approvals. The team is open to collaborate with experts to reach to end customers. This device can be deployed at all rural primary healthcare centers.  Device needs no special medical technician to operate, cost-effective, and easy to operate.

  Innovator Team Member:

  Dr. Kiran Kumari Patil


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