6 Digital Marketing Trends for 2020-21

As we complete our halfway journey through the nerve-wracking year, 2020 whole statistics of the consumer world have shifted and economies have been shattered through the year due to the Coronavirus. In such conditions, major changes have been experienced in digital marketing trends. 

Until the world is rid of the curse called COVID-19, nothing is certain. However, many trends are expected to blossom in the year 2021. 

Below are some of these yet to bloom trends in the year 2020-21: 

  1. Local SEO – Google Listing

Google My Business listing provides the best information for local businesses, like a furniture company or a cleaning shop. They also help to record your working location. 

My Business listing of Google My Business listing shows up “near me” searches when there is a geographically-defined service area. Google Search results, it also helps customers to understand about your services and products. Your client can know your business opening and closing hours, star rating, and address that is left by the other users. 

You should keep the information updated by verifying your Google business listing to confirm that the information displayed is correct. Some of the benefits of confirming your business are: 

Your business information is easy to organize Maps, Search, and other different Google platforms.  

Unverified competitors are not as reliable as verified businesses. 

If some other person acts as the owner and claims your listing as theirs you can avoid this situation once you get your business verified. 

Check the verification status of your Google My Business listing if you’re unsure about your listing. To get your business verified by Google you can start this simple process. 

  1. Big Data and Deep Learning

The big data industry will keep growing dramatically, which is good news for marketing experts if they know to make the best of the power of big data. A great part of this trend is all about the tools they use, which is often quite challenging for businesses.

Many large businesses have already started investing in developing customer data repositories and platforms to evaluate, analyze and utilize their data. Considering the advantages of big data companies need to utilize this data in a better way to simplify their tasks that are usually done by data scientists.

  1. Image is More Vocal

Rather than entering a description, many users are uploading pictures to search for information. Pinterest Lens, Google Lens, Pinterest Lens, and many other image search tools are being used by the users when they search for specific products. 

In addition to utilizing long file names for pictures before you upload them to the website, you can also add high-quality images that are attached with keywords that can help you to leverage your search. You can also add additional substitute content. 

  1. Word-of-Mouth is No Longer Spoken

As much as a personal recommendation is admired more and more people have started relying on online reviews. 

Both testimonials and online users’ reviews help in attracting new customers and aid to a business’s success. Promoting your own business is not as successful or popular as using real consumers in real-time to share unbiased and positive reviews of your products or services. 

There are 68% of people that make a judgment after going through 5-6 reviews and 91% that occasionally read reviews. 

  1. Visual Search

Users are now able to gain information by just uploading the image of an item instead of typing a description into Google. The search will return species information if they are trying to upload a plant photo while historical data will be loaded through a landmark image. While searching for products the user will be returned with places to buy a similar product. Tools like Google Lens, Pinterest Lens, and other search tools will focus the audience’s camera into a search space. 

Your business can utilize visual search by adding best-quality images that are attached with descriptive words, in your online inventory add an image search and consider to promote on this platform. The advantages of promoted search results are added to those brands that advertise. 

Also, the chances of discovery of your images will increase greatly by the search engines if your business has an image sitemap. 

Before uploading images on your website use descriptive filenames. 

  1. Online Reviews

The ability of your business to drive new clients and customers depends on online reviews. Aside from a company talking about its products and services the consumers can offer real and unbiased opinions on their products. Your business can find an edge over the rest of the competition if your business is getting reviews from verified companies. This can build trust among potential customers without them having to visit your website. 

Google Business can provide the most effective review for a business. These sources are the most reliable ones and most visible as well. The Google Business listing allows people to visit your website or call you. Another brilliant platform of online reviews is Facebook. On your website, you can trust them to collect testimonials. Yelp is another trusted source that is perfectly compatible with hotels, restaurants, and recreational businesses. 


These are the most popular and future digital marketing trends that are going to dominate the global business in the year 2020-21.

Mamta Sharma


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