Small Enterprise India Webinar Series #17


Small Enterprise India, the flagship portal of Aspire Media Pvt Ltd, has been supporting MSMEs for the past 10 years by educating them on various aspects of driving their businesses to achieve and reach a more professional and successful stage. As part of their ongoing MSME support activities, Aspire Media will be conducting their 17th series Webinar on the topic “ENGAGING WITH STAKEHOLDERS DURING CRISIS“, on 01st August 2020 starting from 3.45 pm.

Expert Speakers at the webinar will be Dr. Krishnan Natarajan, Family Business Advisor, Sadashiva Consulting Services, Mr.Parmeet Singh Sood, Founder & Principal Consultant, CMX Consulting, Ms.Mandeep Kaur Sidhu, Founder & CEO, SimbaQuartz, Prof. Hiten Muchhala, Entrepreneur Coach, S P Jain School Of Global Management  and Mr.Mahesh Krishnan, Business Consultant, Corporate Trainer.

The coronavirus outbreak has truly turned our world upside down and has caused serious hardship for businesses around the world in the process.

Stakeholders first. Because your internal and external stakeholders are the ones who will be  supporting your organization throughout this crisis and in the months that follow.

The crisis will be one of the biggest tests companies will face and, now more than ever, they will need the trust and support of their stakeholder groups as they struggle to cope with the new reality. Businesses need to consider what happens not just today, but tomorrow and beyond, and the way they are perceived and how they communicate with their stakeholders in these times of crisis will determine which companies come out of this intact.

With the majority of crisis today being slow-burn, much can be done in advance to anticipate, prevent and mitigate issues before they spin out of control. Proactivity in crisis management is the name of the game and being prepared to respond effectively is no longer sufficient.

Learn how to effectively target key stakeholders, facilitate collaborative work, manage everyone’s workflows and access information from anywhere so that you’re not suddenly blind-sided.

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