Try these 8 Digital Marketing Plans to get over the COVID 2019 Crisis this year

Aren’t we all a part of history right now? The COVID-19 contagion has affected every industry and you can be sure it will change everything from the way people go shopping to how they mingle with each other. With over 227,000 coronavirus cases in India, the COVID 2019 outbreak and lockdown is affecting everyone. Events like businesses forced to close their doors, layoffs, salary cuts, no sales, increase in unemployment, and stock market crashes are happening not just in India but all over the world.

With governments asking people to stay home, a new normal has appeared globally. It may feel daunting, especially for businesses, but you must be flexible and ready to adapt to changing consumer needs. People are looking for fresh, handy ways to access daily comforts. You may not know what next, but one thing is certain: digital marketing channels have become important.

Did you know the online traffic increased to a whopping 47% since the government introduced a nation-wide quarantine in mid-March with similar internet traffic jumps occurring worldwide? The question is, what digital marketing strategies should be used to connect with your consumers appropriately?

Remember, responding to your consumer needs compassionately, and presenting tailored solutions keeping in mind the new constraints and situations, is vital. To ensure customization on a large scale, you must make sure you optimize the use of marketing technologies available today.

Bouncing back in the next six months of 2020 will be crucial. To help you get your business back on track, here is a list of digital marketing strategies you can use to stand out.

Google My Business Page– If you do not have one create one today

Considering that Google dominates the search engines with as much as making up 75% of desktop searches, it makes perfect sense to have a Google My Business Page, that too for free. Can you think of any uncomplicated way to bring consumers from your vicinity to you?

Search for anything on Google and you will find a map with three local business results just below the paid ads section before the search results. To be on top of the listings, optimizing and filling your google page is necessary. Google My Business offers valuable statistics that show how your target audience is connecting with your profile and posts. You can also keep track of website traffic using Google Analytics.

You can send a link of the google business listing to your customers to ask for reviews and thank them for their ratings. Getting customer ratings adds credibility to your business just like a word-of-mouth recommendation does. Over 50 percent of your audience will use the products and services of a business if it has positive ratings on Google.

Local SEO Citations

Have you heard of near buy or looked for businesses near me on Google? Such local listings on local business directories, websites, apps, and social media platforms are created to help people find the info they need about companies locally. If you have a brick-n-mortar location, then local records about your name, address, and contact number on the search engines is a wonderful way to create foot traffic.

The number of citations, their correctness, and the quality of the channels your business is on, influence your Google rankings. Any wrong data in your business listing can discourage users, creating a bad reputation for your business. If you have not yet used local citations, then do so now. It is a simple and effortless way to get local traffic.

Plan for Social Media Posts

People are spending more time online, using social media channels to keep in touch with the world. If you are looking to add users to your customer base then your online promotions must include well-known social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. Remember, create your social media calendar today!

Social media lets you give feedback, and report grievances quickly, allows businesses to respond faster ensuring you get great customer service. Getting a response makes your customers feel they are connecting with you and you will listen to their grievances for sure. Great customer service helps you build a good reputation, customer loyalty, and personify your brand.

If your customers feel like they are getting to know you, they will want to do business with you. Do not forget, include your website link in your posts.

Classic Blogging

Do you want to entice new consumers and keep the current consumers connected with your website? If yes, then a fantastic, low-cost online marketing method is generating blog posts.

HubSpot believes, businesses that focus on blogging are 13x more likely to get a good return on their investment. Search engines such as Google and Bing may rank your website higher if it has new, pertinent content consistently. Blogs make it easy for you to rank higher, letting your business stand out as a business expert. If you offer valuable, useful info in the blogs, people will in time see your business as their go-to resource within your industry. Remember, your customers will probably share a great blog they resonate with on their social media channels, drawing a larger audience.

Guest Blogging -How can we forget these?

It does not matter if you are a professional, an individual, or a business, guest blogging is a wonderful way to create top-quality traffic for your site at once. Providing useful tips to an influential blog with steady traffic shows your credibility and knowledge to a larger target audience.

More people find out about you, value the info you shared, and think of you when they want your services. You must ensure you have a similar brand tone in all your guest posts. If the blog you are penning lets, you include a link for your site, then do not forget to add it to your backlinks.

Listing in an Online Business Directory

Do you remember Yellow Pages or Just Dial business listings? Well, an online business directory is just like that. It is one of the fastest ways to stay ahead of your competition at no cost.

You can choose a niche, size, location, and activity that you want to list for. All you must do is look for well-known directories that cater to your industry and join it. Such directories help you get more website exposure and attract excellent quality traffic.

Only those who need your services will visit these directories ensuring you get an interested customer visiting your website. Several business directories let customers put testimonials, ratings, and reviews.  A business listing where consumers can not only see your contact details but also customer reviews helps your consumers gain enough confidence in your business to find you.


Among the several website ranking factors Google considers, backlinks are at the top of the list of factors. An Ahrefs study found over 66 percent of the sites do not have even one backlink. To help you rank higher, you must create SEO backlinks to top-quality sites relevant to your business and not sites considered spammy.

Being able to create backlinks on well-known sites adds to your recognition, letting top search engines know that your business is trustworthy. When a search engine crawls your webpage, it not only looks at your website’s content. It also studies the number of links that are coming from quality websites towards you. Backlinks can help you create brand awareness and attract visitors to your website. Remember, do not needless backlinks or write on topics that people will not search for, Google’s search engine will punish you for doing so.

Analyze and Evaluate -Do not forget

Do not be surprised if you find new search trends every day. That is why examining data and reporting are vital. Understanding what pages your consumers visit, what searches they perform, and what they buy can help you tweak your marketing messages in real-time and send out the right content.

Ask yourself: Who are my most valuable customers? How can I entice them to an online conversion? Which posts are the most engaging, and can I make some more? Do I have the right info for your consumers living in a vicinity? How can I find key workers and thank them?

Having the right data about consumers that you can act on is key. Marketing automation helps you generate such data and use it efficiently. Creating clever concepts for focused marketing campaigns based on tangible data is the need of the hour. You can use several tools to understand your consumers’ needs to give customized solutions. Taking advantage of such insights will be crucial though consumers are physically segregated, though connected online, closer than ever.



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