8 Killer Financial Tips for Startups

It might be one of the most grueling tasks anyone can imagine of initiating – A startup. It may sound very profitable and exhilarating but is something that requires a lot of effort. This can be termed as one of the most difficult things an entrepreneur can deal with.

Below are some of the tips that can help you with your desired startup even if you have just entered the entrepreneurship business:

1. Right Cash Flow Management

Enter and exit terminals of the money are the most important part of a startup because at the beginning you are not financially strong and a written record of the money that you are dealing with is required. Each penny, in this case, can mean the backbone of the business and thus it is the most important part of the business as it can upheave the startup very quickly and effectively.

You need to be at your best when it comes to the cash game as if not handled properly, the business can hit a major blow and possibly be left into ruins. No matter how fail-proof your plan maybe, if you are out of the money you will hit a dead end.

2. Track all Expenses

With a healthy-looking and thriving startup, the money would also be flourishing itself to your side and which is why you are going to need a staffer. However, hiring a full-time employee could prove a high budget startup where you should use the accounting software for better organization.

This technique kills two birds with one stone. It not only helps you to maintain your cash flow but also is quite helpful when the tax time rolls every year. Once the accounting gets a little more complex, hire a professional.

3. Restrict Fixed Expenses

The key to longevity resides in the low-budget office that you will be sitting in. Of course, this is just temporary until the real money flows in and when you are a little more capable and established. So it’s a good idea to establish a low budget office than the one in the center of the city.

Choosing not to be fancy and alluring is the best bet. At first, focus completely as to how you can expand your business financially and not materialistically. The majority of the startups fail because they are situated someplace fancy or have top-class amenities.

4. Value your Time

Always be wary of the time.

If used appropriately, it could become your greatest weapon or it can leave your life in utter destruction and demolition. Take into consideration starting from your morning chores to the evening chores. Plan a schedule in a well oriented and ergonomic way so that you may use it to the fullest and not regret later.

5. Be Optimistic but be Prepared for the Worst

As great minds have said it “Always have a contingency plan”. That is exactly what is necessary for an entrepreneur to have in his/her arsenal. No matter how flourishing or devastating your startup is getting, do not quit your job.

Cutting off your main source of income would be like crushing someone’s heart. Until your business is established and flourished and the money from that business can replace the income of your former job, do not give up your last line of defense.

Always save money upfront. You may never know when things could go south. A contingency/emergency stash must be stored in an emergency savings account so when you hit rock bottom you can pull yourself together and start anew. Make some kind of Roth IRA and invest even in the smallest of the things.

6. Focus on Financial Goals

Instead of aiming big, you need to stay down to earth and achieve the smaller feats at first. Taking one step at a time is very important for an entrepreneur to progress. However, it does not mean to not take risks at all.

Taking risks comes second but establishing yourself as a reliable entrepreneur and a financially stable person comes first. Set milestones/targets to cross through your way of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

7. Customer Acquisition is the Core

Customers are the center hold of your business. They are the cash cows through which your business can reach new heights and limits. Always try to lure them in the most amusing of the ways. Remember, people always want to try something new and unique. If you hit the right chord at the right time, you will be getting any kind of customer whenever and however you need them.

Work on acquiring different acquisition channels and organize them to lower your prices.

8. Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself is a sweet fruit. However, that does not mean that you compensate yourself with a salary of high numerals. Always pay yourself by staying healthy, live comfortably in your house, and eat organic.

Regular exercise is a way to stay true to yourself in both mind and body. It allows you to not lose the determination in your eyes for the next upcoming task.


These are some of the most promising and challenging financial tips that every startup should pay attention to and try to create the most suitable financial goals for your business. If you could manage the financial aspects of your business, you’re a step closer to achieving success.

Mamta Sharma


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