Percipere Webinar

Blending Automation for Professional Service Industry

Make the switch to intelligent cloud ERP

While SMEs are catalysing India’s resurgence, they face difficulties in scaling at the speed at which they otherwise would have, due to lack of agility in operations and information flow, lack of visibility and seamless flow of data between various functions within the business, thereby hindering their growth.

SAP’s Business ByDesign Suite is a cloud-based integrated solution devised to help overcome these challenges across business functions like sales, procurement and finance. The solutions are easily configurable and rapid to roll out, at reduced cost, but with no compromise on the host of benefits ERP solutions provide. SAP Business ByDesign solutions also ensure compliance across accounting standards, business, and regulatory requirements.

We understand your business and your business problems in the areas of resource utilization, resource optimization, automation needs, and managing finances and risks. We build a tailored blueprint that will bridge the gap and enable you to empower your business.

Join our webinar, “Blending Automation for Professional Services Industry”, exclusively for your business:

  • Answers to all your automation needs
  • Technology initiatives to derive business value
  • An insight into Cloud solutions and ERP that enables you to next big step

Date: 28 July 2021
Time: 3.00 pm – 4.00 pm


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