MSME National Tech Conclave




The MSME National Tech Concalve’23 is a Government of India, Ministry of MSME event, organised by the MSME Development Facilitation Office, Bangalore, to help MSMEs adopt technology tools for their businesses to scale up.

When it comes to embracing new technologies, small businesses face unique challenges and opportunities. But what are these, and how can these provide a competitive advantage?

For MSMEs there are often fewer resources available to explore business technology trends; in turn, this means they are unable to assess which tools they ought to be considering. Similarly, a lack of capital expenditure or cash-flow issues can make it difficult to find the finances to invest in new technologies, particularly if the return on investment is not immediately apparent.

Why Do MSMEs Need to Adopt Emerging Technologies?

World Bank estimates say World Bank says SMEs represent 90% of global businesses and more than 50% of employment. With every passing year, these numbers are increasing. Not wanting to lag, SMEs continuously look for ways to maximize their profits without compromising quality, cost, or efficiency. If you are unaware of the many lucrative benefits of tech adoption, SMEs should adopt the emerging tech.

The fact there is typically less red tape, fewer legacy IT systems, and shorter sign-off processes mean that SMEs ought to be well-placed to act more quickly than large enterprises when incorporating tech that can provide a competitive advantage.

With cost no longer a barrier, the key challenge small businesses face is in their own culture. New technologies, like AI, are fully developed and ready to be implemented. But SMEs must have a proactive approach to researching and adopting new tools. Those that do aggressively pursue opportunities through innovative digital solutions will gain a competitive advantage over their rivals – those that don’t could quickly see themselves losing ground.

Why attend? 

Hear from 20+ speakers and connect with over 100+ MSME attendees. A wide array of topics will be covered, from Cloud to 5G and Web3 to diversity and sustainability. 

Who should attend?

  • MSME Owners
  • Directors
  • Partners / Co-Founders
  • CTO / IT Heads
  • CFOs / Finance Heads


The Road Ahead for MSMEs

The pandemic has reshaped not just the economy but the values that drive it. The head of MSME talks about the challenges and opportunities ahead for business owners, as well as the changing role of government.

FinTech & Beyond – The Future of MSME Lending

The landscape of lending is rapidly growing as the world of fintech opens things up to new possibilities. As the realm of currency expands and shifts into new dimensions, the potential for leveling this space presents innovative ways for small businesses to acquire capital. In this session, our panel of experts will help us further explore some of those capabilities.

How to Grow Your Online Presence

Get an overview of how search engines work, how to prepare your website to succeed in search, how social media be used as an effective marketing tool, and more.

Social Media, Press, and Your Business

Learn the principles of media exposure, content development, and building a following as a solopreneur or small business.

Cloud Computing – Getting on board with new technologies

MSMEs are well placed to act fast and benefit from new technologies. Even more so thanks to the proliferation of cloud computing, which is now critical to the IT makeup of the vast majority of organisations.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Through advances in AI and machine learning over recent years, computer programmes are now able to analyse vast sources of data, recognise pertinent trends, and recommend potential actions to help businesses improve internal efficiency or boost their commercial growth. Unlike previous forms of data analytics, which would provide insight into past events, AI is about delivering forward-facing results that help a business move with confidence and speed.

Cybersecurity Tech

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a significant increase in global cyber threats. Today, micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) are the new cyber-attack target. But unfortunately, cybercrime prevention is generally neglected within this sector. Cybersecurity is the security of customer information, intellectual property, and any other information that’s critical for financial gain.


Embrace Emerging Technologies and Reshape Your Business

When used efficiently, technology can be your best bet to optimize your available resources, grow, and succeed. The Panel Discussion will help you understand the right combination of technology for you, and reshape your business!  Whether it’s the cloud, AI/ML, digital payments, an innovative mobile app, AR/VR, or any other tech, the panel discussion will help us understand the nuisance of technology adoption for business.

VENUE: Hotel Bangalore International, 2A-2B, Crescent Road, High Grounds, (Near Race Course), Bangalore


REGISTRATIONS ARE FREE FOR SMEs ONLY. Any other attendee/s will need to purchase tickets at Rs 3000/-. For more details, please call: 6360834811


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