01 April 2020

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Durga Rani: Enterprising Lady with Great Determination

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Hyma Plates and Vessels is one of the leading enterprises in designing the fabricators for the industrial equipments for various industries such as pharma, bulk drgs, biotech, breweries, paper, cement, fertilizers, sugar plants etc.This company is the brain child of G Durga Rani, who is a diploma holder in Electronics and took voluntary retirement service from ICRISAT and launched this new venture under the name Hyma Plates and Vessles (P) Ltd. in 2001. Presently, she is the Managing Director of Hyma plates & vessels (p) Ltd. This enterprising lady is the winner of Rastriya Prathiba and Rastriya Ratan Awards in 2003.

Helping Businesses Turn Green

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Green Evangelist is a company run by an academician, an industry practitioner, a marketing professional and a communications specialist, who came together to pool their collaborative expertise in order to influence the corporate world in a way where they in turn impact society positively.

Sukanya Shriram: The 'Cool' Lady Entrepreneur!

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Disciplined, determined and with a confident aura about her, that spells Sukanya Shriram   for you. Welcoming us into her plush office at Porur, she launched into sharing with Small Enterprise India, the story of her success.

SME CXO Summit : Raising Voice of SMEs

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In India, business and economy move and ride on the shoulders of small, and mid sized businesses. This being a concrete fact, we need to understand the core issues, challenges and USPs of small businesses in order to improve the level of overall business scenario in India.

With such a note, SME CXO Summit, 2010 was organised in Mumbai, India by Naseba and was highly recognised by the industry stakeholders.

Raxit Sheth: The Mobile Maverick!

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Raxit Sheth, a sportive youngster from Mumbai as he says is “just enjoying bootstrapping time”. He loves a lot of things- Hacking, Helping, Tweaking, Tweeting and moreover being a Mumbaikar, he loves Mumbai!!

'Do U Speak Green?': The New 'Green' Style Statement!

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Green is the buzzword of the decade- green food, green buildings, green industries and even green clothing. As the green concern is shaping the life styles of people world wide, here is an entrepreneur who would like to call his brand- “A catalyst for environment conservation”. Mr.Shishir Goenka, comes with a mission and appeal to encourage more people globally to use organic fabrics through his brand of organic cotton & bamboo knitted clothing - Do U Speak Green ?“I have a passion for wildlife and want to help the environment. My inspiration for Do U Speak Green? is stemmed from these works to fill the absence of smart looking organic clothing in India” says Shishir recalling his initial stressful days, as not many people understood his concept.

Strap Your Boots on... You are at Basecamp!

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Kavitha Reddy is one impressive lady who is soft spoken, elegant and unassuming, you’d have no idea that she’s the epitome of the modern day Female Entrepreneur with super powers. Kavitha is Co-Founder of basecampindia.com. BASECAMP is an integrated Outbound Training and Adventure Travel organisation, an offspring of avid, well-trained and certified professionals from Adventure sports and Human Resource field.

CoCubes: Connecting, Colleges and Companies!

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Job hunting is not often an easy task. Sometimes offers are many and sometimes not. Today job hunting starts the moment you steps out of the campus or even being in the campus. Also it is a fact that many efficient students from Tier 2 and 3 cities are not getting good opportunities like students from Tier 1 cities, as campus recruitments happen less there. Companies on the other hand admit that its time and money consuming to visit campuses for recruitments.

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