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An Initiative to Strengthen SME Businesses

Digital Transformation for Small Business

25th September 2021, 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Digital Transformation for Small Businesses

Digital transformation is essential for businesses of any size to stay relevant and competitive in today’s market. You simply can’t ignore the benefits of using the right technologies in your business. It’ll help you improve efficiency, lower costs, increase productivity, improve customer experience, and ultimately, boost profits. In fact, 42% of SMBs now consider digital transformation a core component of their organizational strategy. Meanwhile, 82% of SMBs have already implemented some level of digital transformation in their organizations.

Whether you’re just getting started or want to fine-tune your digital transformation strategy, a well-designed implementation plan can help you get the most out of your investment.

Digital transformation doesn’t need to be complicated in order to be effective. You can simplify implementation by focusing on initiatives that can yield the highest ROI. It’s also important to ensure that employees are aligned with objectives.

Areas to focus on in your small business’s digital transformation strategy:

1. Encourage Collaboration
2. Empower Employees With Data
3. Ensure Seamless Integration of Business Systems
4. Involve Every Level Of the Organization
5. Seek Out Technology Partners With SMB Experience

It’s important to align your digital transformation strategy with your company’s vision by establishing KPIs that reflect your business objectives. You can then track metrics that matter and fine-tune your strategies to maximize ROI.

Small Enterprise Back to Business

The pandemic has caused many entrepreneurs their life and lost businesses and still getting hurt in many ways. Many shops have closed down and many others are battling their crippling business due to lack of professional advice, mentoring, cash flow and lack of proper labour support as most of the labourers are gone back to their hometowns to safeguard their life and their families.

Small Enterprise Back to Business campaign will reach out to 10,000 SMEs who needs business advice, mentoring, digital transformation, logistics an supply chain management knowledge to sustain their business during this difficult times, help strengthen and get them Back to Business. SMEs needs support in educating them on how to grow their businesses. The pandemic has thrown havoc on their businesses and are fighting to stay afloat.

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Small Enterprise Back to Business Webinar Series

The Back to Business campaign will support SMEs by providing them with Business advise and practical knowledge on Finance, Technology and logistics through the weekly Webinars. Register and avail the benefits as mention above. Selective SMEs will be offered one-to-One free consultation through Ask GURU. Join our weekly webinar from July 1st week onwards to know more about the benefits and all your queries will be answered.

1A great opportunity for SMEs to learn practical approach to strengthen your business.
2Digital Transformation explained through webinars.
3Cash Flow Management made easy to understand.
4Business Advise through Webinars.
5Free One on One Consultation to the selective SMEs.
6Latest trends in Logistics & Supply Chain Management explained.
7Free Online Management course from Top Entrepreneurship School.
8Free 1 year Subscription to Small Enterprise Magazine Digital.
9Free Nomination for SEBA 2021 Awards to Selective SMEs.
10Discounted fees on Wellness checkup and medicines for SMEs and staff.

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