Adv. Priyanka Sinnarkar

Adv. Priyanka Sinnarkar


  • Licensing Intellectual Property
  • Geographical indications and rights of indigenous people
  • Entertainment law,
  • Data protection
  • Advising on privacy policy
  • Advising on Information Technology transactions pertaining to software licensing, cyberspace law, cross border cyber security, and international regulation on cyberspace, medical jurisprudence in the context of contested mental capacity
  • Human Rights.

Adv. Priyanka Sinnarkar
Corporate & Commercial Lawyer

Adv. Priyanka is a Qualified lawyer experienced in Indian jurisdiction, proficient in data privacy, cyber forensics, IT and IP laws. She is a strong Human Rights Activist. She is also a Writer, Speaker and an Entrepreneur.

Priyanka has worked on a medico-legal case in London as a senior paralegal. Here she assisted a team of Barristers at 7 Bedford row and led a team of paralegals to prepare casework on an issue concerning medical jurisprudence.

Priyanka has also been using her forte in Intellectual Property Rights to be an Executive producer at a production house (Kino Productions) in London that exclusively produces short films and documentaries on social issues of the LGBTQ community. Whilst in London, Priyanka was appointed as the legal and Compliance officer by a company which provided care services for people with disabilities. Here she performed as the ex-officio DPO along with ensuring compliance with GDPR and other relevant legislation. Internal auditing, running data impact assessments through various departments, framing privacy and other policies for the company were some of her core responsibilities.

Currently, Priyanka is practicing the criminal and family side of law at Pune district and Mumbai High Court. She is working on a matter concerning domestic violence from the husband’s side who is the accused. Collection of evidence and thereby proving the falsity of the facts put forth by the petitioner have been some of the turning points of the matter for which she has been responsible.

Apart from litigation, Priyanka has been involved with assisting the Pune Police in their various ventures which are not limited to but include such measures that are important from the legal and forensic point of view to curb the growing rate of cybercrime in the state. Her profile of work is to advise and suggest how most of the ‘cyber frauds’ can be registered under the IT Act 2000 and hence be dealt with using cyber forensic tools. Creating awareness of cybercrime activities is also one of tasks that she is deeply involved in.

As a part of research and direct implementation, Priyanka has been carrying out a project with Quick Heal foundation. The research is purely based on consumption of pornography, commission of hate speech and revenge porn which can be effectively reduced by using software that the company manufactures. The ultimate aim of this project is to control the amount of malware that is exchanged on daily basis, thereby keeping a check on pornographic websites that are responsible for many types of economic and other crimes.

As of a very recent venture, Priyanka has been appointed as the Deputy Director for the state of Maharashtra for Public Grievances and redressal by All India Council of Human rights and social Justice.
In this capacity Priyanka she is working exclusively on two branches-
1. Rights of sex workers and trans-genders
2. The fundamental right of privacy and the impact of big data.