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Hello Sir, What will be the impact of pandemic situation on spirit of entrepreneurship?

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Viren Mehta
Small Enterprise India
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Small Enterprise India
Aug 09, 2020

Dear Mr.Viren,

Never Say Die!  We all know that Entrepreneurship is not a path that's for everyone. Entrepreneurs are Unstoppable!

However, the pandemic has affected the entire globe. Millions of people have been badly impacted and hundreds and thousands have unfortunately lost lives. It has shattered economies worldwide. The pandemic has thrown numerous challenges before political leaders, policymakers, administrators, healthcare professionals, scientists, technocrats, media and civil society members, to name a few. The efforts are on to deal with the difficult situation and at several fronts the promising results are being seen now. One can thus hope that we are moving towards the betterment of the situation albeit at a slower pace than expected.

The challenges have provided certain opportunities as well. There are sectors and products which are showing green shoots like, Pharmaceuticals, healthcare and well-being, immunity booster herbal and alternate medicines, yoga, e-commerce, online education, consultancy and counselling, packaged foods etc. A number of other sectors have better prospects now including those in manufacturing, services, agro and food processing. The opportunities for entrepreneurs do exist and one has to spot those and realise the dream. Entrepreneurs have a remarkable ability to convert problems and challenges into viable business models. Sailing against the wind has its own advantages in developing resilience, confidence, self-esteem and leadership. I would, therefore, advise you to show that determination and initiate the process if you internally feel so.

Don’t allow the pandemic to be stronger than your urge to be a job and wealth creator. There are policy support that is available for new and existing entrepreneurs now. Study them carefully and benefit the society as well. However, don’t hesitate to consult an industry expert/mentor if so required. You can also get back to Ask GURU if you need further consultation.

Best Regards,

Dr.Sunil Shukla

Director General

EDII, Ahmedabad

Visit: https://www.smallenterpriseindia.com/dr-sunil-shukla/

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