Virtualization and Small Business
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There’s this small business. Trying to face the challenges and establish its name in the world. It’s getting there. Slowly and steadily. Do you know what it needs right now? Technological resolutions. Remember back when you had to invent new games to entertain yourself? You would just do things; You just ran around the playground; You built sand castles, played…

Six Tips To Run a Successful Startup
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With a new buzz and initiatives taken by the Indian Government like “Make in India” and “Start-up India” India’s start-up scenario over the last decade has been in the limelight in recent years. These initiatives gave birth to several investors, start-ups, and accelerators, to support and promote an individual’s entrepreneurial journey. All these activities have resulted in a decent boom…

Shoestring Budget Planning for Marketing
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Market planning or budget planning plays a major role in business marketing, further providing means for business growth and success. It outlines the costs involved, strategies to implement, smart tactics and estimated results to achieve over a specific time period. Having a good market plan helps the entire team focus and work towards specific goals, which is extremely important for…

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