The 6 Formulas Of Being A Responsibility Multiplier
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“Living is all about taking chances, taking ‘Responsibility’; because in Life there is no right or wrong decisions, just Opportunities for Growth”– Santosh Nair Each of us, Nations, Institutions, Organizations, Communities, Entrepreneurs, Teams, and Professionals, we all have several responsibilities. These Responsibilities come in various forms, it may be focusing on health, taking on new challenges, shifting paradigms, changing circumstances,…

Does your Business need a CRM?
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Before we answer the million-dollar question, lets quickly understand “ What is CRM”  CRM or Customer Relationship Management refers to all strategies, techniques, tools, and technologies used by businesses for developing, retaining and acquiring customers. In today’s digital world it also stands for a set of  tools that allow a company to manage and analyse its own interactions with its past,…

5 Top Technology Trends for Small Businesses
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Globalization and technology have made it a lot easier for entrepreneurs to fulfil their dreams. Opportunities for businesses of all sizes to grow and succeed are innumerable. With promising trends emerging each and every year, more and more entrepreneurs are venturing into the world of business. The evolving technology is transforming the way people are developing and running their businesses.…

Richa Kar: A Perfect Example of Sheer Determination and Courage
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We live in a country where discussing about fancy lingerie, let alone buying from stores, will not pass off without any frowns. With male staff moving around and cramped trial rooms, the delightful idea of lingerie shopping could turn into an uncomfortable and embarrassing situation. Richa Kar understood this issue and this is when the online lingerie store, Zivame was…

How e-commerce is transforming the logistics industry
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A few years ago, supply chains mainly focussed on delivering the right quantity of products at the right location within an agreed-upon shipment schedule. The shipments usually contained bulk orders and supply chains were less complex. However, in the age of e-commerce, the scale and volume of commercial transactions has changed drastically, giving rise to a number of complications that…

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