25 February 2020

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Green Calling! IT Firms Go Ga Ga Over Green Initiative

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While most of the CIO’s (Chief Information Officer) working within the SMB segment agree to the fact that saving is always on their minds. This is exactly becoming the primary driver for them to look up towards turning green.

Banking on Documentation Management

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Xerox has recently been voted the top green outsourcer in the 2009 Green outsourcing survey by Brown-Wilson group. To discus this achievement and industry’s issues related to documentation management Mark Petit, Executive Director, Xerox Global Services, Xerox India interacted exclusively with Faiz Askari, Editor –Technology, Small Enterprise India.com, on aspects of  Xerox’x new strategies and market focus.

Telecommuting: Flexibility at Work Redefined

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The term telecommuting is very common in the West, but Indians are only slowly realising this, and that too very recently. Today in India, many employees of leading IT companies and BPO’s are opting for virtual workplaces or telecommuting.

E-Tutoring: New Ways to Earn Extra Money

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At nine in the evening, Chithra Iyyer, is in front of her computer teaching her students who are in the US and UK. Chithra being an e-tutor, relishes the flexibility and bucks this job offers to her. Well, this is not something new today. e-tutoring has almost become an inseparable part in the domain of learning. What’s new in this is , it is stretching its boundaries, opening an array of new and varied opportunities.

Get Socialised, Get More Business!

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Communicating corporate messages in a controlled manner is the dream of any marketer. That’s the primary reason for the existence of business blogging and using social networking for business. Building and using business blogs have become a standard practice for many marketers in order to avail the optimum use of Internet. However with the growth in popularity of online social sites many have begun using these communities as their primary marketing platforms.

Real Time Collaboration: Saving Your Precious Time in the Work Front

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Considering the landscape of overall available resources, time is a premium for most SMEs. In today’s highly competitive business environment an entrepreneur has to achieve results quickly. Real time collaboration is a new technology trend that s attracting SMEs in India.

Effective Network Management: Essence of Success

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It is easy to deploy any cutting edge networking infrastructure. But what is more important is to manage it and run the show successfully.

No More 'Wired' Thoughts...Go Wireless!

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Wireless Networking is gaining popularity across business verticals. SMBs are most attracted towards cutting edge networks and being wireless is clearly their mandate.

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