01 April 2020

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Rubikscube Consulting : Consulting for Success!

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Amit Kaushal, the Managing Director at Rubikscube Consulting says that companies are now looking for sustainable results through value for money consulting services – which is exactly what his company provides.

Amit Grover: An Entrepreneur for Entrepreneurs

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The Nurture Talent Academy, India’s 1st Training Institute for Entrepreneurs, has a single lord, master and employee -Amit Grover. Started in January 1, 2010, it has already achieved significant milestones of training 315 startups across 7 cities of India, on various topics like how to start a company, finance, marketing and how to make a business plan.

SutraLite.com: The 'Sutra' of Cost Effective Recruitment

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From the Editor's Desk

In our ‘occupied’ life, many believe that work is worship, and it is their workmanship that brings in productivity to the job front. To have such people, who worship their job in the organisations’ fold, is the dream of every employer!Now, what would be your take, if a ‘Sutra’ to rope in the best talents is available at a ‘click’ away? Well that is what SutraLite.com is all about! The very tagline of SutraLite "Save Money Hire Many" brings in the essence of SutraLite’s service.

Floral Extravaganza

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A profusion of flowers in various  hues and sprays, and in the midst of it all, stands  Molly Prakash, a charming  lady. ‘Petals’ is  run exclusively  by Mrs Molly Prakash,  from the confines of her home. Basically  a very  creative and homely  lady,  she channelises her artistic talents to creating the  most beautiful and  bouquets, garlands, floral decorations, etc.

'Success is a Journey, Not a Destination'

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Sajeev Nair is a multi-faceted personality who drives his vision with passion. As Numero Uno in Armway Distribution Network, innovative entrepreneur in hospitality industry, a passionate mentor, SME business consultant, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, Sajeev’s success journey is never ending.

Revathi Krishna: The Enterprising Biz Woman

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Coffee, Books and  More..Its  a place  where  one can  relax, unwind  and let go,  a book lover’s  paradise  with hundreds  of books  lining the shelves. An exclusive  coffee  shop with abundance of books to choose from,  and a place to listen to soft music which is calming and  soothening to the ears.

Revathi  Krishna,  the proprietress  of  Coffee , books and more… at the Info Park,  Kakkanad, Kochi shares her success story with Small Enterprise India.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 04 August 2010 16:42 )

Conquering Heights of Success

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Nand Govind, Chairman and Managing Director of Montieth Motors Pvt. Ltd, is not only a very successful entrepreneur but also a true good Samaritan.The personification of undying enthusiasm, energy and vigor, Nand Govind agreed to share with Small Enterprise India, his success story.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 04 August 2010 16:43 )

B Rama: The Lady Confectioner

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Need and interest is the perfect combination for an individual to notch the zenith in the trade. While need sows discipline, interest fuels innovation. This makes for the genesis behind B. Rama’s adorable accomplishment in her confectionary business in Bhubaneswar. Today Lolita’s muffins are regular Tiffin that mothers trust to feed their children with. Adopting to nourish her home and business herself, she has experienced the nuanced facets of life which has but made her excel in both. That a woman is gifted with innate entrepreneurial prowess which if harnessed aptly opens doors of opportunities is what she tells in a tete-e-tae with Moumita De Roy.

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