01 April 2020

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Painting- a Strategy for Business!

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Wall painting is a cost effective direct marketing technique for big brands. Big companies prefer wall-painting in rural and semi urban area if the target market to be covered is huge with a limited budget.

Ads on walls are a traditional advertising concept round the world. So what’s new in this? Many may not see anything new in this age old advertising concept, but Mihir finds this as a new business opportunity for him. An advertiser by profession, Mihir Modi provides quality wall painting services for corporates on a pan India scale through his company- Adwalls.

“Local vendors and contractors whom brands contacting have no accountability and it is difficult to get them on time. It is a thrust for sale officers to run behind them for timely completion of works. And above all, this being highly scattered and disorganized sector, rates highly vary from place to place” explains Mihir the situation. Companies find it difficult to predict their advertisement budgets, timely completions and quality because of this. AdWalls is a solution for this scenario.

Adwallz provides excellence in wall painting with complete accountability and transparency along with reasonable rates on a PAN India scale. “Wall-painting is all about volume and small vendors and contractors are not able to execute work which comes in bulk” Mihir foresees his business opportunity. So generally when a company prefers a complete package with all services Adwallz is preferred over small vendors.

About 6-7 years back, when Mihir was running a small ad agency, he happened to come across some jobless painters. Further as he met some clients have understood that many are in need for cost effective OOH advertising at multi cities. That’s when the concept of Adwallz clicked in. There were companies who had budgets but did not have an organized agency who could handle their needs to execute a smooth campaign for them. So with the help of Adwallz they will get a one stop agency for all locations.

Big companies prefer wall-painting in rural and semi urban area if the target market to be covered is huge with a limited budget. Wall-painting gives them equal or sometimes even more visibility with their set budgets. The life of a wall-painting is comparatively higher than that of flex or hoardings. Flexes and hoarding haven’t reached all the villages but wall-painting has reached villages even with a minimum population of 2000-5000. “So when a company wishes to cover such small untapped markets, wall-painting is the only and best solution they have” says Mihir.

Economies of scale, strong management and good IT helps them scale their business and Adwallz thus makes profits. They avoid getting middle men and contractors in between and prefer appointing painters directly. This creates a win-win situation for all the painters, Adwallz and also for the clients.

Adwallz now have a network of more than 5000 painters PAN India and are working with about 50 corporate giants. Adwallz team gained this network by travelling to 500+ towns in India.  “So whenever there is a requirement in any particular state we deploy the painters in those states and get the work done. We send painters from others states only if required them” says Mihir.

“With our experience of so many years in this industry we believe that wall-painting is one of the most important and impactful media in terms of advertisement for any company” says Mihir.. Adwalls make sure we help all our clients right from designing to plan their budget in a systematic manner. They plan their campaign in such a manner that there is complete transparency and accountability with painting done at proper strategic locations thus ensuring value for money. There is a system which we follow right from planning to execution to billing which helps them to make a positive and professional approach towards our clients. “We have built our credibility in the industry which helps us approach clients and enlighten them about Adwallz” he continues.

The company was started with an initial investment of Rs 5 lacs which he raised with the help of friends and family. The initial investment was majorly to pay painters and vendors as advances for the wall-painting campaign. When asked about his future plans Mihir says” we would like to set up our base in every state and in every city across India. There are plans for a sister concern-  Madwallz, which will help artists put forth their talents and creativity across.” We are also building and upgrading our current services to provide our clients with better and advanced technology” he concludes.


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