01 April 2020

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Solutions for Small Business Dilemma

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As technology and e-world are exploding with choices, businesses and consumers find themselves with limitless resources. As buyers are adopting technology which let them instantly compare prices and sales, retailers are adapting through cost-cutting measures and improved customer experience to compete with their virtual competitors.

As things are moving like this, two childhood friends Ajeet and Sumant started Studio 21 in 2009 with a mission to mould innovative and useful software products which would help small businesses. And no sooner their friend Anurag too joined them to form the core founding team.


Lets delve into the SME friendly products designed by Studio 21 team and their plans

Know their Products

  • NetMyStore

Studio 21 has two main products in the market at present- NetMyStore (www.netmystore.com)

and TxtPad (www.txtpad.in). Net My Store is a cloud platform for running online stores. It provides ready-made, customizable, do-it-yourself styled e-commerce shops for small businesses at a very low price of Rs.499 per month. Net My Store shops come with pre-installed apps and themes and a Store Manager application for managing the online store. So absolutely no technical knowledge is needed for SMEs to start an e-commerce shop with them.

“We think Net My Store is a great product for first time entrepreneurs or people starting up from home and small locations. They can use the cost saved to build their business and come up to compete with the giants” says Sumant. Net My Store also helps small businesses by managing the IT infrastructure for them, and they need not worry about hosting, servers, data etc. Usually, these are very big overheads for small businesses and a lack of technical experience can become big barrier.

"Ithlati" (www.ithlati.com) is one of the latest stores to get online with Net My Store. It is a fashion boutique coming from a small town in India. They dont have any brick-and-mortar shop, instead they sell only online and are growing rapidly. Net My Store helped them in starting up with a very low investment and provided them the opportunity to focus on growing their business instead of worrying about the technology.

  • TxtPad

TxtPad is a very powerful cloud based Notes application which lets one create notes from anywhere. Presently, TxtPad supports Tweets, Text Messages (sms) and Web to create notes. and save selective items on the cloud. TxtPad automatically organizes notes by hashtags and provides fast search and notes management with the TxtPad web application.

TxtPad for Google Chrome is a browser extension for Google Chrome which lets you create notes from any web page within Google Chrome without even visiting TxtPad web application. It also creates notes from selected text on a web page and from links very fast.

TxtPad is currently in private preview and the early, unfinished version is available to limited users by invite. “There are a more features being added to TxtPad. We shall talk about them once they are up” says Ajeet. TxtPad will also have Smartphone apps for all major platforms including Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

Know the Team

Sumant Dubey  is an MBA from Prestige Institute of Management and Research, Indore and was working as a Project Manager with Proteans Software Solutions before quitting to co-found Studio 21.  At Studio 21, his primary work area is Product Engineering and Business Strategies.  Ajeet Singh Pawar, graduated from M S Ramaiah Institute of Management, was working with Axis Bank before he quit to join Sumant. He had some experience in business by managing his family owned business. At Studio 21, he looks after Business Development, Marketing & Sales. Anurag Tiwari, an MBA from IBMR, IPS Academy, Indore worked as a Partner Manager at Denave. At Studio 21, his primary work area is Quality Control and Support.

The Growth

As of now NetMyStore has 50+ stores with annual subscriptions and the promoters are aiming to grow fast. It has been word of mouth and personal references, which made them move ahead. “We are coming up with online marketing campaigns to promote Net My Store aggressively, very soon” says Anurag. “There is still time for TxtPad, presently it is growing organically and we will keep it like that until the public, commercial launch” he continues.

TxtPad is creating its space where giants like Microsoft One Note, Evernote and Google Keep are already operating. “We see a niche for TxtPad and are targeting a problem which other notes application don't solve” says Sumant.

Net My Store has some close competitors in the market operating in the e-commerce stores space both at domestic and global level, like Mart Jack (www.martjack.com) and Shopify (www.shopify.com). But the company claims that they are the most economical among all of them.

The company is a total bootstrapped effort till now and is actively seeking external funding.

“Everyday is a challenge for any startup, specially when you are bootstrapped, and we are no exception” says Ajeet. Moreover while operating form a small town, finding appropriate talent is also a big challenge.

Presently their focus is on growing Net My Store and TxtPad. “Studio 21 was started to build awesome products, so many more products will come in the future”, says Anurag. Being their hands full they are also looking for partners to grow rapidly.


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