01 April 2020

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Product line driven by the requirements of the SMEs

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“With a lot of SMEs having little technical knowledge, they often have trouble in finding the right solution for their business. Once they have finalised a solution, it takes months to develop and test the system to make it production ready” says Rajiv Kumar about the delusions of SMEs. Through his company Manusis Technologies, Rajiv targets the needs and complexities faced by small and medium entrepreneurs and individual entrepreneurs, through his company.

Manusis Technologies, based in Gurgaon, is an e-commerce solution provider providing affordable solutions for SMEs. They have a strong and skilled R&D team specialized in providing a wide range of secured, highly manageable and scalable web development services like custom web development, mobile application development, cloud deployments and multimedia development. They also have expertise in offering portfolio services that include social network sites, e-commerce sites, web portals and CMS based sites.

Rajiv Kumar, a qualified software engineer with 20+ years of experience has offered Information Technology and Software Development services to companies like Oracle, Tata, ST HCL Technologies, E-Trade Financial, Tavant Technologies and more. With his vast experience and deep knowledge in handling Technical Architecture and Technical Design Projects, it was easy for him to start his own operations of providing e-commerce solutions to SMEs.

“While I was working for MNCs I realised that there was a dearth of IT solution providers who could be useful for SMEs and SMBs. It was then that I realised that I want to be that change, who wants to revolutionise the way IT solutions services are provided to the start-ups” says Rajiv. Manusis Technologies was registered in late 2008 and started operations in 2011.

The company is planning to launch their Mystore soon for the SMEs.

E-commerce is one of the most promising segments in the small and medium enterprise segment. But many entrepreneurs face several technology related challenges, which call for efficient and affordable technology solutions to keep themselves abreast in today’s highly competitive market.

“The time taken to develop e-commerce solution (which is usually 2-6 months ) directly translates into cost for SMEs which sometimes become so high for them that they may drop the idea midway” explains Rajiv. Another problem facing by start-up e-retailers is that many of the existing platforms require the users to have a deep technical knowledge even for some common operations. This makes them completely dependent on technology provider. He also adds that “currently almost all of the leading e-commerce providers are using a decade old technology which is on its way out”.

Through his company- Manusis Technologies, the team brings the latest technology stack from Silicon Valley for better performance, scalability and with more control to the end user. Functionality can be implemented in 2-4 days time, and they also takes care of things like hosting, customization, SEO optimization and mobile readiness of ecommerce site, which e-commerce sites otherwise need to find themselves.“We see all e-commerce platforms switching to this technology in another few years” says Rajiv.

Manusis Technologies reaches out to SMEs through various market channels including direct sales, tele-sales, online advertising, social media and the traditional marketing mediums are not spared. They look forward leverage their mobile first architecture for creating mobile stores for their clients as a premium service. They are also exploring options to associate with sellers on a profit-sharing model.

He says that so far the SMEs have been very receptive of the idea as their platform already takes care of the challenges that they are facing.  The immediate benefit of their service to customers according to him is “better technology and control at a price that is cheaper than our competitors”.

The only major challenge they face, according to them is to convince some of the traditional SMEs, who do not have sufficient computer know-how to go online and also to educate them about how to go about selling their products online.

He adds that the market is moving more and more to SAAS platforms (Software As A Service) as it saves the entrepreneurs both time and money and  allows them to focus on their core business. Manusis Technologies also plans to launch a SAAS platform by end of this month. “We are currently testing the same with our beta customers”. Based on the response that they received so far from their beta customers, they look forward to have 100 SMEs onboard in the first 3 months and 1000 SMEs within a year.

Rajiv says that all their future product lines will be totally focused around SMEs as they see a huge potential in this sector. “So far the traditional SMEs have less than 10% share in the online retail market. But things will be not be like this in a couple of years” he concludes.


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