01 April 2020

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IndiBlogger: Success through Blogging

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The internet is bringing a revolution in India. While social media is becoming a new and powerful medium of expression for millions of young Indians, blogging has caught on with many as a way of not only expressing opinions but also often resulting in influencing decisions of people. Indiblogger is the biggest network of Indian bloggers and is a network which acts as a bridge between the brands and the bloggers, who have been acknowledged as the biggest influencers when it comes to purchase decision making.

Started in 2007, the concept to connect brands with bloggers was a unique initiative as the brands see value in connecting with bloggers who have become the major influencers when it comes to peer recommendation, purchase decision making, brand building, etc.

Founder Renie Ravin opines that the bloggers are unbiased because they write in their own space and thus brands find it critical to give them an experience that they can evaluate or ponder over.  Other members of the company’s core team include Vineet Rajan, Director- Pre-sales and consulting; Anoop Johnson, Director- Marketing and DR Karthik, Director Finance.

Until now,  IndiBlogger.in has successfully planned and executed 80 blogger meets across the country and one in New York in September 2012.  Some of its prestigious clients include HP, Samsung, Microsoft, Tata Motors, Club Mahindra, Apollo Hospitals, Nokia amongst others.

Excerpts of the interview with Renie Ravin, MD, IndiBlogger.in

What is your venture all about? How did the entrepreneurial journey begin?

We always wanted to be entrepreneurs from a very young age and IndiBlogger.in has been our most successful venture to date. We realized the importance of individual opinions and experiences of Internet users from different walks of life. We also noticed a lack of a good social network for bloggers and so we developed one.

When did you come to know of the real potential of blogging in India?

We understood the potential of the blogging community the day we launched our first IndiBlogger event in Bangalore on February 2008. Around 60 bloggers turned up and we managed to get a lot of feedback on their expectations. We set about creating the site based on fulfilling some of their most pressing needs like a forum and a place where bloggers could submit their posts under specific categories.

The real power of bloggers can be seen in IndiBlogger.in itself. IndioBlogger.in has a near zero digital marketing budget and we owe that to the power of the blogging community as a whole. IndiBlogger.in recently ran The Indian Blogger Awards program for 2013. Over 1000 nominations were received within the first 24 hours of its launch.

Do you think blogging is still at a nascent stage in India?

Blogging is definitely not in its nascent stages in India. Most online readers today visit blogs to finalize decisions on travel, food and fashion among other things. There is just more information on blogs than there is anywhere else. Most readers may not even be aware that they are looking at a blog as a lot of these blogs look like huge enterprise websites with tons of information being updated every day.

How were you able to convince brands and companies to be a part of your business venture?

Our ability to quantify and measure the deliverables as part of every activity helped us prove the value to brands. The only ranking system for bloggers, “IndiRank” is owned by us and has gone through over 3 years of development.

When was the first time you took home a pay check? What did you do with it?

We took our first pay check in 2008 and we paid our house rents before due date, for the first time since a year.

Has the business broken even? How many members are there in your blog community today?

The business has broken even and we are looking at a more aggressive expansion this year. There are around 30,000 bloggers in our network.

Any plans for international expansion?

Yes, we plan on looking at certain features of IndiBlogger.in available to Bloggers globally.

Any success mantras you would like to share with young entrepreneurs?

Our success was the fact that we wouldn’t do anything if the economics did not add up. If someone wasn’t willing to pay for our time then we considered it pointless. For example, in our early stages we had a service where we would create fully functional blogs for brands and educate them on blogging. The money that we were able to get out of such engagements were miniscule and we dropped the service and started looking for more profitable ideas.

Believing in your own self is something that only experiences can teach you. Once you believe then anything is possible. Also, giving back to society is very crucial and you have to make sure that you have activities that reach out to human or environmental causes associated with your business. IndiBlogger.in created IndiChange.org which helps many causes communicate their goals efficiently, raise awareness and funds.

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