28 May 2020

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Interactive Meet on Issues & Challenges before DK Industry

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An interactive meet entitled ‘Issues and challenges before Trade and Industry in Dakshina Kannada district,’ conducted at the KCCI Exim Facilitation Centre in Mangalore organised by Kanara Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI)),jointly with the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI), Bangalore, looked into various aspects of development issues in Dakshina Kannada district.

 The Meet presided over by the FKCCI President J Crasta, took a collective decision to constitute a task-force to liaise with the Govt. to improve  the national highways, tackle infrastructural development matters and issues relating to industries  of the district. The task force team is headed by the KCCI Vice President G G Mohandas Prabhu and Vice President of FKCCI J R Bangera, comprising of five members from the KCCI and four from the FKCCI.
J Crasta pointed out that while the DK district had made significant progress in financial, educational, medical spheres and although even major BPOs and IT companies had set-up bases in the city and suburbs, the district has yet to realise its full potential in tourism sector and labor intensive enterprises such as garments, toys, repacking, and specialised packing of commodities, cashew-nut, areca-nut, coconut-based products etc.

Crasta further opined “The potential of New Mangalore Port Trust (NMPT) in Karnataka should be realised with light manufacturing units that turn-out products for exports.  The city airport also holds the potential for cargo movement and fast delivery of highly perishable flowers and sea food to the overseas market.”

A memorandum was submitted on the occasion to J Crasta by KCCI President, Srinivas Kamath requesting FKCCI’s assistance in solving some pertinent issues ailing the district.

Some of the highlights of the memorandum are as follows:

Increasing Central Excise limit for SSIs:

A request was made for raising the Central Excise turnover limit for Small Scale Industries from the present limit of 1.5 Crores to 3 Crores for excisable goods and from 4 Crores to 7 Crores for combined turnover and excisable and non-excisable goods.

Relief for MSMEs:

A demand was made to continue the stimulus package announced by the Government and urged not to be ended prematurely even before the full recovery of the economy.


The major issue before Medium and Small enterprises is the reluctance of Banks to lend to them and the non-availability of credit from Banks. The memorandum urged for this anomaly to be addressed.

Raising of Service tax limit:

Plea made to raise the current Service Tax limit from 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs and the rates to be reduced to 8%.

Simplification of Labor laws:

It urged for labor laws to be simplified and a hire and fire policy to be put in place. Also it urged for skill development and training programs.

Exit Policy for MSMEs

The memorandum urged that there should be a transparent Exit Policy for MSMEs, including ESI and Provident Fund. Furthermore, there should be no compounding of interest on dues and the same should not exceed the principal.

APMC CESS & Investment subsidy for 100 % export oriented units:

A plea was made that the APMC Cess should be subsumed with Goods and Service Tax (GST) and lastly it was urged that Investment Subsidy of 30% should be given to those units coming under the SSI Sector.

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