08 April 2020

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Small Enterprise Magazine (2nd Anniversary) Issue: Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in India:

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India is an entrepreneurial country, but its entrepreneurs have had to struggle to create and grow their business ventures. There is, however, a growing group of first-generation Indian entrepreneurs that have generated large-scale employment and significant wealth. These successes have encouraged a new breed of entrepreneurs especially in the internet and e-commerce space. We do lack a robust ecosystem to fuel innovation, R&D that hopefully triggers entrepreneurship.

However, compare India 10 years back from now, there has been many changes and many of them has taken entrepreneurship as their way forward rather than working for someone. The scenario has changed completely. SE Magazine will be covering views from industry experts on what has made for such a change in India and why many Youngsters are taking entrepreneurship as their livelihood as seen in India never before. 

We must understand and agree to the fact that only those who run companies are not Entrepreneurs but also those who work for companies with entrepreneurial skills that helps them succeed in their endeavors, are entrepreneurs. It is not enough for an individual / group of individuals to be entrepreneurial, but the economy, governance and intellectual minds should support the eco-system to become strong and contribute towards country’s growth. 

Entrepreneurship in India is emerging and evolving in the last one decade rapidly across industry verticals and domains. The youth of India is innovating and re-imagining to re-define the conventional family business philosophy and it is not more important if you were born in a business family. Technological advancements have led to change in the culture and the mindset of Indians to jump into entrepreneurship. 

Such change in the culture and mindset has created lot of job opportunities, however there is a need for the entrepreneurs to ensure the jobs are socially, economically & environmentally sustainable. 
To have successful entrepreneurship in India, we need just not growth oriented regulatory environment and required investment support, but also there is a need for balanced growth approach, to be taken by venture capitalists, investors and funds. 

Entrepreneurship will be successful in India when the support system helps in “ease-of-doing-business” and “simplified-tax-regulations”, would result in “inclusive economic development”.

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