21 February 2020

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September’14 Issue Cover story: SME Banking & Finance

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SME Banking is a different business altogether. Even though SMEs do have a corporate structure, most of them run as sole proprietorship or family-owned businesses. Hence, bankers need to engage with them and understand their requirements and repayment capabilities. Bankers need to work closely with SME associations and experts to have more knowledge about the business.

The financial crisis have hampered SMEs in securing bank credit due to their low sales and weakened collateral, and growing risk aversion among lenders. While there are limitations to access to bank loans and other facilities, many other factors prevents banks, both large and small, from approaching SMEs.

With the slowdown in large corporate loan disbursement many Banks and financial institutions are now betting big on the SME segment. Bankers claim the quality of SME loan book has improved in recent years. Many SMEs are not aware of the facilities a Bank can offer. They do not know how to approach a bank.

In September’14 issue of Small Enterprise Magazine, we discuss all about:

  • SME Finance Versus Reality
  • State Bank of India: Integrated Approach to SME Lending
  • Top Banks speaking about their product offerings for SMEs and
  • Challenges in SME Banks
  • All banking products available for SMEs
  • Challenges SMEs facing in bank
  • How to present yourself in the best way to banks
  • Tips to for increasing possibility of availing a loan or to enhance
  • your eligibility.
  • SME Banking FAQ
  • Interviews with Bank of SBI, Baroda, Bajaj Finserve, DBS Bank, Yes Bank and DBC Bank
  • How to Win the Confidence of Lenders by SMERA (SME Rating Agency)
  • Interview with Ms.Meenakshi Lekhi, BJP, MP on Raksha APP and Constituency Connect Apps
  • + Start Ups, Success Stories, Women Entrepreneur,
  • Technology, Automotive, Travel, State Scan – Himachal Pradesh…..

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