29 March 2020

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Advertising for Growing Businesses

In some businesses, advertising can be an important and integral part of its activity. Having said this, advertising can be very costly and many small businesses just can’t afford it, hence they often tend to ignore this side of the business.

However, it is like insurance, even if you can’t afford it, but you cannot ever afford not to have it. As someone has wisely said, “When business is good it pays to advertise, when business is bad you’ve got to advertise.”

Advertising: Ad Insertion for Targeted Marketing...

By Kathryn Dawson

A few years back, search engine optimisation was an unknown phrase. That was until Google proved its genius by utilising its search engine to generate revenue for businesses and entrepreneurs alike. The concept was simple, display an ad where it is relevant and there is a higher chance that people will click on it. It also resolved qualms and doubts on online shopping at that time. Everyone wanted to know how it worked and how best to do it. And so targeted advertising was born where in plain text ad insertion or video ad insertion became a highly popular and powerful tool for advertisers to capitalise on.

Place Your Brand on Top!

All of us often follow a routine walk or drive through the same route regularly. What if there are some potential customers. How can you keep them informed about your business? There is a simple way, place your services or product posters in such strategic areas and attract those potential customers to your store. If your customers see posters consistently repeating your business name and marketing message over and over, they will automatically begin to associate your business name with your marketing message.

Dabangg...Feel the Punch of these Marketing Tricks

Public exposure is the elixir for your business to survive . You must not only make your target audience aware that your company exists, you must also motivate them to start buying your product. There are umpteen cost effectives ways you can opt for when it comes to marketing/advertising your small business.

Hello It's Yellow Page Ads!

If you're not advertising in your local Yellow Pages, you are missing out on those ready- to-buy consumers. Most of the customers are orthodox and conventional when it comes to making that crucial buying decision, a printed word is still more worth than a thousand pictures to them. Yellow page listings will definitely emphasis on your credibility and legitimacy making your prospects more comfortable about calling you. 

The Fundamentals of 'Branding'

In this world of cut-throat competition what any business needs to win customer loyalty is a strong brand name. The brand is your business identity and your promise to your customers. It sets apart your offerings giving a clear picture of what your customers can expect from your products and services. Large or small, retail or B2B, branding is an important aspect of any business.

The 'Net Effect' of Advertising

These days when people watch a nice movie, eat out at a fine restaurant, or buy something cool, they jump on to Facebook, Twitter or any such social networking sites and post their reviews to tell their friends and relatives how much they liked the product and services. This is the new wave ‘word of mouth’ advertising that can do wonders to your business.

Transit Ads-Ads on Wheels...

How about letting your advertisements travel around the city letting as many customers as possible, know about the existence of your establishment? If you want to reach to a mass audience, why not give a try to transit advertising? Transit advertising refers to placing an ad on anything with wheels, and which is always on the move.

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