08 April 2020

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Green practice

The Value of Green


While interacting with like minded people, we often tend to discuss environmental issues. We express our concern over the present situation regarding changing dynamics in our environment. And very regularly, we read about eco friendly issues in newspapers, magazines and other available media platforms. More commonly, businesses are closely linked with eco-friendly, environment friendly, green practices, hence entrepreneurs are usually seek information about, what is ‘green’?


Today, the term "going green" is used to describe steps that a business and its employees can take to lessen the company's impact on the environment. Typically these steps involve lessening the "carbon footprint," which means the amount of Carbon Dioxide generated by the business practices and processes of the company. For some, the practices are common-sense and practical steps to take to use less energy and thus save money and lessen the world's dependency on oil.

Generate Energy, Become Greener

A massive thrust by private sector is needed to generate electricity from agro-industrial waste which is essential to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and combat environment pollution. This was emphasized by Mr Farooq Abdullah, Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy. He further highlighted the existing potential to recover 1,300 megawatt of power from industrial wastes which is projected to increase to 2,000 megawatt by 2017. Projects of over 135 megawatt have been installed so far in distilleries, pulp and paper mills, food processing and starch industries. “The focus of modern biomass programme is on co-generation, especially in the sugar industry. A co-generation potential of 17,000 megawatt is identified with 6,000 megawatt from sugar industry,” Abdullah Said.

'Green Entrepreneurship Needs Strong Support From Govt'

Aparna Bhatnagar,Green Entrepreneur, and  the founder of online retail store Green and Good Store shares her views on the union budget with Small Enterprise India.com. She feels that though the govt has highlighted the need and importance of embracing environmental friendly initiatives both by individuals and industries, there is still a lack of awareness and encouragement in promoting the green initiatives. 

'Do U Speak Green?': The New 'Green' Style Statement!

Green is the buzzword of the decade- green food, green buildings, green industries and even green clothing. As the green concern is shaping the life styles of people world wide, here is an entrepreneur who would like to call his brand- “A catalyst for environment conservation”. Mr.Shishir Goenka, comes with a mission and appeal to encourage more people globally to use organic fabrics through his brand of organic cotton & bamboo knitted clothing - Do U Speak Green ?“I have a passion for wildlife and want to help the environment. My inspiration for Do U Speak Green? is stemmed from these works to fill the absence of smart looking organic clothing in India” says Shishir recalling his initial stressful days, as not many people understood his concept.

Helping Businesses Turn Green

Green Evangelist is a company run by an academician, an industry practitioner, a marketing professional and a communications specialist, who came together to pool their collaborative expertise in order to influence the corporate world in a way where they in turn impact society positively.

Green Fortunes In Your Land

Are you a land owner, and planning to invest in real estate? If so you can covert your piece of land to a golden land! But how? The answer is, instead of keeping your land idle you can convert it into a good farm and reap high returns with a less investment.

Mirambika: Spreading the 'Fragrance ' of Success

His vision is simple and different: creating a healthy environment. He wants to realise his vision through his mission to economically equip the illiterate women. Perhaps he who failed to complete his education battling against the crude poverty knows the miseries of an illiterate life. He is Jiban Jyoti Barik, who has formed the SHG Mirambika. The ten women working in this Cuttack-based SHG produce non-toxic incense sticks and other Puja Samagri. “My objective is not a commercial turnover. It is entirely humane,” said Jiban Jyoti.

Green and Good Store: Defining New Means of Responsible Consumerism

From the Editor's Desk

Technological advancements have turned the world into a global village, where consumerism determines the 'making and breaking' of world economies. The high exploitation of natural resources to quench the thirst of irrational consumerism hangs like a 'Sword of Democles' over the very existence of this 'blue planet'. Here comes the importance of turning to 'Responsible consumerism'.

Green and Good Store, the brain child of Aparna Bhat Nagar, is one such initiative to leverage the power of responsible consumerism to bring about positive environmental and social change in the world. Aparna Bhatnagar the founder of online retail store Green and Good Store shares with Krishnakumar C K, Editor, Small Enterprise India, her vision and the core values behind her green initiative.

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