Freshworks Masterclass


A Step By Step Guide To Winning At Social Media Customer Service

The secrets to a superior social media customer service & experience! 

It’s no secret that customers are slowly moving away from traditional channels of communication. They no longer want to write elaborate emails explaining their problems or wait for a long time to speak to a support agent over the phone. They want immediate responses, and quick action.

Social media, owing to its extreme popularity among businesses, & ability to send out short, quick, and immediate responses, has become a fan favorite among consumers. The public nature of social interactions also makes the brand more accountable when it comes to troubleshooting issues and resolving problems.

For businesses though, it’s a double-edged sword. If you manage to establish a positive presence on social media, you’ll receive excellent word-of-mouth which will attract prospects. However, one misstep in your social strategy can lead to angry customers, frustrating experiences, and multiple rants. Moreover, this will affect how your brand is perceived by the public, leading to negative reviews spreading like wildfire.

Here’s a masterclass by Freshworks that will help you master the art of Social media customer service, helping you win customers for life! 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Mastering the art of customer satisfaction & retention with Social Media 
  • Some very essential Do’s & Don’ts of Social customer service 
  • Enhancing the Social Media approach with AI & ML 
  • Tips and tricks to improve your org’s social media tactics