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Empower Small Businesses
with Alibaba Cloud Advanced Technology

Alibaba Cloud is the technology arm of Alibaba Group and a global leader in cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Alibaba Cloud provides services to thousands of enterprises as well as individuals in more than 200 countries and regions. Committed to the success of its customers, Alibaba Cloud provides reliable and secure cloud computing and data processing capabilities as a part of its online solutions.

According to Gartner, Alibaba Cloud ranked 1st among cloud service providers in Asia, with a 19.6% market share. Alibaba Cloud is also the official cloud services partner of the Olympics. Some of the largest global organizations rely on Alibaba Cloud for their day to day operations be it Air Asia, IHG, Cathay Pacific, Tokopedia and many more. Alibaba Cloud is catering Indian customers through their highly advanced local datacentres in Mumbai and meets various global and regional data security and privacy standards for cloud operations.

Join Alibaba Cloud India team to understand how their suite of 250+ products and solutions can help you to be more digitally equipped to challenge and win over your competition. And, if you are already using other cloud platforms, this discussion can lead you to save up to 50% on your monthly cloud spending.

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    (Alibaba Cloud can offer up to 50% discount when migrating from other cloud platform to Alibaba Cloud.)