5 Brands that have taken employee engagement to the next level in 2021

Over the last few years, there has been a tectonic shift in the way HR as a department function. Cutting-edge technologies have made their way into the department to offer automated solutions, which have brought about increased efficiency in operations. At the same time, there is a growing need to address and deploy solutions for increased employee engagement. Being the heart of an organizations’ operations, having employees who are made to feel valued and nurtured, can make all the difference to the former’s position in the market.

Startups, in particular, are known to go down a rather unconventional road when it comes to employee engagement. In addition to adopting an open work culture, they actively work to create an atmosphere that promotes meaningful engagement to yield bountiful results. In the long run, this approach has been fruitful creating a strong employer brand image and helps not only attract but also retain the best talent in the market. Here are 5 startups that have redefined employee engagement, and are setting major goals for their peers to follow:


At LogiNext- a global technology and automation company that deploys SaaS-based solutions in the Logistics space, workations are an annual ritual. Since its inception, the teams at LogiNext have always enjoyed a workation at a destination of their choice-whether it is Goa or the Himalayas. After a year of being cooped up at home, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the startup announced a workation to Maldives. Over a three-day trip in the midst of the Indian Ocean, the entire team unwound, engaged with the leadership, and chalked out plans of action for the years to come.


WebEngage, a leading Marketing Automation suite & Customer Data Platform for digital consumer businesses, strongly believes that a well-engaged employee is one who is truly connected with the organization. They undertook some powerful measures to keep up the vigour and productivity of their employees. Open-ended sessions with founders and co-founders of top organizations like Toppr, Nearbuy, GoIbibo, and Ixigo helped employees to look at the brighter side of life. The “Ask the leader” initiative helped employees ask any questions/doubts openly to their own CEO and CTO and be assured in uncertain times. The recurring town halls gave employees a sense of the way forward. To elevate the WFH experience, every employee was assigned a designated budget to create an office setup at home. The ” Thank God it’s Thursday” sessions where all employees get together on a zoom call to play online games like tambola, quiz programs helped cut the mundane routine and spread some virtual laughs.


Freshworks, a leading provider of cloud-based customer engagement software, extends its purpose of engagement to its employees as well. Apart from being well-known for providing scrumptious meals, they have also earned a name for themselves for providing solutions that meet the aspirational needs of their employees. From providing car loans and gym memberships, Freshworks ensures their employees are well engaged in a way that meets their needs and gives them a sense of accomplishment at the same time.


With travel restrictions in place, Unacademy reinvented the wheel when it came to offsites, and hosted their first-ever virtual offsite in June 2020. In order to give employees an entertaining experience, they hosted a Harry Potter-themed event. Unacademy created a Mischief Managed themed website depicted through the Marauder’s Map where they hosted games, performances, award ceremonies, and a lot more. Through this, they were able to bring the whole team together for a well-deserved day of fun.


HR technology startup SpringWorks practices what they preach. As a company that builds tools for organisations to engage with and retain their employees, they too have built a strong programme around the same for their resources. Being a remote-first organisation, SpringWorks goes the extra mile to ensure their employees are satisfied throughout their employee journey. Taking cognizance of the teams’ addiction to games and quizzes, the startup built their own virtual quiz app-Trivia. The company also regularly organizes mental health sessions, to ensure their employees are able to cope with the challenges of the day and overcome any struggles they might be facing.


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