5 Tips for Women to Negotiate Better
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When negotiation conditions are unambiguous and clear, recent research discloses some gender differences in the possibilities of initiating a negotiation. For instance, one might not expect men to be more probable than women to start a negotiation for a supplier agreement or a customer contract. However, when the aptness of negotiating is not so clear—as is mostly the case for negotiating visibility,…

7 Virtual Team-Building Ideas to Keep Your Staff Connected and Motivated
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Though working from home has become very popular over a couple of years in a large number of industries, nobody would’ve visualized the big leap taken by the world into practice as the coronavirus pandemic came up in the initial months of 2020. Within few weeks, several non-essential companies quickly resolved methods to make working from home possible for employees.…

5-step Guide to Create an Unbiased Workplace for Women
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Combining the PoSH Act with a company’s framework and rules for abidance is only half of the work done to produce a more protected workplace for females. Taking actions to ensure and implement women’s safety in the workplace is the real and constructive solution. Furnishing infrastructural amenities such as upgraded surveillance for security, female cab drivers, late-night shuttle service, are…

Everyone a Changemaker – An Accelerator Program by Surge Impact
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For Surge Impact, social entrepreneurship is a key focus and they strongly believe that it will be a catalyst for social change, and helps startups and entrepreneurs build a better nation. Excerpts from an interview with Small Enterprise India. 1. Tell us something about your business model which is quite unique due to its diverse nature. What inspired you to…

How Going Cashless Benefits MSMEs in the Long Run
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For many decades, Indian MSMEs have implemented their business transactions in a traditional manner. This has extended to all avenues of their business, whether it be marketing, daily operations or using cash as the mode of financial transactions, including receiving payments from their clients and paying their suppliers and buyers. Cash has not only been the favoured medium of transaction,…

5 Motivating Factors of Increasing Women Entrepreneurs in India
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In this age in India, we can proclaim proudly that women entrepreneurs in our country is not an uncertain phenomenon. While Indra Nooyi, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, and the likes paved path for women to step forward and conformed their spots in the boardrooms, a couple of decades ago, women in our country have adopted entrepreneurship in small and medium scale…

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