Artistic Journey of Minkoos

A concept design solution for strategic business documents

We have a candid interview with Mr. Manish Chaudhary, founder – Minkoos.

A Post Graduate in operations management with 15+ years of professional experience across critical to business domains, Manish, worked closely with business promoters & C-Level executives of the leading organization from ITeS, Telecom, Pharma & Healthcare. He has learned and nurtured his business sense and excelled in his strategic thinking ability while working with leading brands like TATA, EXL, Vodafone, etc.

Being a Six Sigma professional, he is keen on quality and standard delivery methods. He strongly believes that businesses must be built through Strong Processes & Ethical Values.

He is passionate to drive ‘Minkoos” through innovative design approaches and building a strong team that can take the business to next level in terms of overall delightful customer experience.

He is inspired by the philosophy of going back to society upon success and reciprocates by giving back to society.

Here is the verbatim transcript of the interview.

1. What inspired you to launch Minkoos?

Whether it is presenting a monthly review, financial report to the company’s top management, or presenting a start-up business idea to potential investors, making a convincing presentation is a crucial task for every professional, be it an entrepreneur, marketing trainee, or a CEO. Despite this, well-drafted decks are tough to come by.

After experiencing illogically designed important presentations and business documents in different organizations by key professionals, Manish Chaudhary has decided to train individuals and corporates in the art of presentation of documents. Due to ‘bad’ designs, many times it is observed that people waste their time in discussion of non-core issues of business, skipping priority points. Most of the time, it was realized that either the person having the idea doesn’t have the skill of design or they don’t want to spend their time in drafting.

This challenge led to launch start-up called Minkoos.

2. Would you brief about Minkoos and how it works?

Minkoos is working with the vision of ‘Designing the thoughts, Redesigning the world’, which indicates a willingness to draft every thought with best fit conceptual design & showcasing the real essence of an idea to the world.

With the internal business growth, Minkoos has started offering a wide range of design solutions to its customers like Any type of document design Like Presentation designing, Making logical Investor decks, Brochures, Web development, App designs, Concept Digital Marketing, etc. Interested parties can visit our website

3. How COVID 19 has impacted your business plan?

Even while Covid19 & lockdown duration, Minkoos have sustained with an exciting growth rate. In the beginning, it was a completely new kind of challenge so we were not ready but as our business is digital technology-driven it was not difficult for us to align ourselves with this new normal. In Fact, Covid created a new opportunity area for us as some industries or segments realized the importance of having conceptually designed business documents in case of crisis. A good design & strategic drafting helped our clients to execute their business well while working remotely with their employees and customers.  For instance, schools have never thought they will need their entire syllabus in digital format!

4. Who can benefit from your services?

Any individual, Startup or Business – who needs to design their critical to business documents like corporate profile, Investor Pitch, Quarterly update to Stakeholders, etc. can avail our services.

5. How different are your services from others offering similar services?

Our experience, delivery system, design expertise & technology-driven approach make us unique in this segment. We guarantee quality delivery & a performance- driven payment system to our clients.

6. How you plan to expand your company in the prevailing pandemic?

Core focus & top priorities for Minkoos in 2021 are –

  • Team expansion with a bunch of creative people to join the journey with Minkoos
  • Technology integration to explore newer design arenas
  • Enhancing the customer experience by reducing the delivery time with better quality results.

7. Do you think the fiscal policies of the Indian Government will help MSMEs to thrive and sustain themselves in this uncertain economy?

Yes, government policies & the overall business environment for MSMEs /sole entrepreneurs are favorable. The support given to startups through various Atal Incubation Centers is very encouraging.

8. What do you think are the major areas a company should work on to improve their functioning and business strategy in this pandemic?

Well-documented Process Building & Business Continuity Plan could save us from such issues again in the future, if arises.

9. What business strategies have you formed to expand your business and reach out to a wider segment of needy people?

Our Assurance of Quality delivery should remain intact. We think that will drive our future growth. We are doing everything possible to enhance our delivery and operating capability. We believe if we will deliver better results today, that will automatically bring more business tomorrow through in form of repeat customers or referrals.


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