11-Step Twitter Marketing Guide for Small Businesses

You can share your brand via Twitter to the world. All you need to do is finish this within 140 characters. The microblogging system allows you to send out sweet and short marketing messages. Some of the small business promotional tips are – get to know about ways to promote your tweets of marketing ideas.

You can add links to your tweets that promote the latest website or blog article that you might have written for some online publication. You can also post a YouTube video that would give your followers and you a deserving break from your over the top hectic day. Such options give you the chance to slip past the 140 character limit.

Some other tips that you can add to your strategy are:

1. Online Business Presence

You must keep the process and look the same as you do on your other promotional including social channels. By doing this a consistency is made across the platforms. Consistency is directly proportional to dependability. The customers will make more efforts towards the businesses that they seem are more dependable and reliable than others.

2. Profile Name

While configuring your Twitter account, select a similar profile name like that on your other social media channels. If the exact name is unavailable then try to choose the closest option you can find to match with your other social media account name or vice-versa. Your focused market finds it easy to find your business despite what your social media account is at that time by doing this process.

3. Images

Twitter offers you to show your followers two diverse images. One acts as your picture or your company logo and is your profile picture. The other picture is your cover image. The resolution and size are larger than the profile photo and can be used to display a new product/service that will be coming out very soon.

4. Company Facts

Always ensure to let your focused audience know three crucial data about your business when you are busy creating your Twitter persona. You need to let people know the state and the city where you work. You also need to integrate a link to your blog page or your company’s website. Always try to keep it short when you are using Twitter and tell the story within 160 characters. Personify your business by inserting a small personality to it so that people can relate to it easily.

5. Be Social

This is the best way to be successful in social media. Respond to people who have questions about your brands and communicate with those whom you are fixated to make clients. Integrate businesses and individuals that you wish to follow to your social account. This will be the stepping stone and the benchmark for your social community building on the platform.

6. Categories to Follow

You need to follow the threshold people that can be customers and business partners too like contractors, vendors, and suppliers. Other people that you should follow are events, trade shows, professional brands, local businesses, competitors, etc. It is now time to start interacting with them as your list is finally finished.

Try to maintain the dialogue on the services and products of your company while also explaining to your audience how these products can benefit them alongside it. Always try to be humble and wholesome by congratulating the person that you follow whenever he/she reaches a milestone. Other Twitter users will be intrigued by your social conversations hence more people will join your community.

7. Stay Connected  

Now that your conversation is smooth and slick, start building a connection between your channel and the other components of your marketing. In your blog post, start tweeting or retweeting on a theme or a topic based on it. You will be able to successfully attain a marketing sale success once you add this link and post it with some contents that will be catchy to your targeted audience.

8. Share Blog Posts

There will be a relationship building to your website once you are on the journey of sharing your updated and regular posts in your twitter messages. It results in new customers searching up and researching your product and existing customers remain updated with your company’s status. You provide your website visitors to go through your Twitter page once you link it to your website. It will increase your company’s marketing exposure by two-fold due to your Twitter account.

9. Tell a Story

The opportunity for you to provide a story is one of the major strongholds when it comes to Twitter. To add a personal touch to the company’s name you can utilize images or video clips and send it out to your first time clients. This is the only chance for you to make a positive experience in the back of your audience’s mind. Hence, your approach will determine their approach.

10. Include Images and Video

You can provide insight into your company’s activity by uploading images from your smartphone or desktop computer. You can also upload a short video to YouTube or Vine account. It can either be professional or something humorous that will strengthen the bonding between you and your clients.

11. Utilize the Power of Hashtags

The hashtag (#) is an integral part of Twitter. These are used for almost everything including the advertisements. You can watch them out in the paper media or might have heard about them on your daily news channel. Many hashtags are on point and short. Other hashtags tell a whole different story.


This 11-step guide for Twitter marketing will help small businesses to make the best of this professionally managed top-notch social media platform. Try out these tips and promote your business without investing much in this pandemic phase.

Mamta Sharma


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